Discover how Rudraksha can bring magical effect to your life

The story behind the magical Rudraksha

The famous Rudraksha beads you all have been hearing about. But do you know how it came into existence? Let me take you centuries ago when the kings and the queens lived. To eradicate evil from the universe, Lord Shiva went into meditation for 1000 years. When Lord Shiva opened his eyes, tears fell on the earth. New trees with Rudraksha fruits grew on the places where the tears fell. 


These Rudraksha trees can be found in the Himalayan region, and Indian states and cities like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haridwar, Neelgiri, Karnataka, and Mysore. The Rudraksha beads are the seeds of these ripe fruits with a blue outer shell. 


Doesn’t that sound amazing to you? But what benefits can this magical fruit provide? 


Physical and spiritual benefits of Rudraksha beads

Before we jump right into the benefits, let me make it simpler and clarified it for you. Below listed are the different types of Rudraksha beads with their spiritual benefits:


  • Panchamukhi Rudraksha – Beads for anyone above the age of 14 years, are used for inner freedom and purity. There are 5 faced Rudraksha beads and hence the name has ‘panch’ that means 5. 
  • Shanmukhi Rudraksha – For Children below the age of 14 years, this is a 6-faced Rudraksha. This helps in physical and mental development. 
  • Dwimukhi Rudraksha – These beads are for married people, which are two-faced Rudraksha beads. It aims to improve your relationship and is meant to be worn by both wife and husband. 
  • Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha – Gauri is the Goddess Parvati and Shankar is Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha is rarely found and looks like 2 beads are fused together. It helps in balancing your Pingala and Ida Nadis and also for awakening your seven chakras. 


Rudraksha beads are very helpful for your health as well.

  • They have a calming effect on your senses and also your heart. 
  • It helps to maintain proper blood circulation and thus prevents heart attacks. 
  •  It can clear blockages in your arteries and has an anti-aging effect (I know you are rushing to find the Rudraksha for you
  • Helps you to shape a confident, patient personality. 
  • Rudraksha beads act as a box for storing our excess negative energies and bring positivity in your life.
  • If you soak Rudraksha beads in water and drink it, it will help you build resistance towards several diseases. 


But before you go all star-eyes and buy a rudraksha for yourself, let me tell you some ‘how’ and ‘for whom’ of Rudraksha beads 

Not every type of Rudraksha is for everyone. The experts say that when you wear an ek-mukhi, you will start feeling a change in your energies, and would possibly prefer living alone because people are no longer compatible with you. 


A panch-mukhi can be worn by anyone of any age. People who seek a spiritual path, like a sanyasi, it is a very good supporter. But a Rudraksha is energized in several ways by the guru. He may energize it differently for family and differently for spiritual seekers. 


So it is advised to seek a guru to give you the right Rudraksha, and not just buy it from a store.