Dream Interpretations 1: Months and Seasons

There are many dreams that a person can have, but what does it mean when their dream focuses on a particular day of the week, season or month on the calendar. Dream interpretation deals with some of the deep-seeded reasons why a person may be dreaming about a certain subject. A dream containing a specific date or time period could signify numerous present or future occasions or events.


When dreaming about a particular month, a dreamer should explore some of the outside influences that could have triggered such a dream choice. Upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or special events could be the cause of dreaming about a particular month, as well as other dates that hold a special significance. But when there are also additional reasons why a certain month may randomly appear within a dream.


Dreams Regarding the Months of the Year


When dreaming about the month of January, it could refer to a loss of a loved one or of lost companionship. A dream centered on the month of February could signify ongoing health problems, as well as doom and gloom. Dreams where the month of March is the focus can be a result of disappointing business ventures, as well as doubts regarding honor and trust. Dreams regarding the month of April may mean that happiness, pleasure and possibly profit is in the future.


Dreams dealing with the month of May tend to signify prosperity, as well as upcoming waves of pleasure and happiness. When a dream focuses on the month of June, positive returns in all you seek to accomplish are soon to come, where dreams about July deal with gloomy times in the future that soon can turn into an unexpected wave of good fortune and happiness. Dreams centered on the month of August deal with misinterpreted love affairs, as well as the presence of unfortunate deals in the future.


Dreaming of the month of September means good luck is in the near future, while dreaming about October signifies that lasting friendships can be made while you are still a success within business. To dream about the month of October signifies success in all that you sought out to accomplish, where November dreams mean that some of your endeavors will succeed while some will not be so lucky. Dreaming about December means that although increased wealth is in your future, you will lose a few friends along the way.


Dreams Regarding Seasons

A dream involving the winter season signifies poor health, bad fortune, as well as depression. If this is your favorite time of the year, the dream may hint to an upcoming, fun holiday vacation. Dreaming of the spring season means that new beginnings are in the future. A dream regarding the summer season signifies growth, maturity, as well as an increased gain of knowledge or a newfound understanding. Dreams dealing with the autumn, mean that a series of ups and downs may be experienced, but the transformations that are felt may be crucial to an individual’s personal growth.