Dream Interpretations 11: Fruits

Fruit can be a colorful addition to any diet, but what does it mean when you are dreaming of apples and oranges instead of comparing them? When you see a fruit within a dream, it usually refers to financial gain, sexuality, as well as a time filled with growth. Below you will find a variety of dream interpretations dealing with fruits, such as raspberries, watermelon and peaches. 


The type of fruit that you are dreaming of influences the meaning of your dream. If you see fruit that is green, it may refer to certain hastiness that you may be displaying, as well as failed attempts to achieve a goal. More hard work for a longer period of time is suggested. If rotting or bitter fruit is seen within a dream, it may suggest that you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities that are available to you. You are essentially hindering your growth and the amount of pleasure you could experience. If you are dreaming of buying or selling fruit, it is a symbol that you are participating in a business that is plentiful, but will not reap much profit.


There are many berries that can appear within a dream, but the all denote different meanings. Raspberries suggest that a dangerous, but entertaining relationship may be in the future. If you are eating raspberries within a dream, then it may be a reference to some sort of distress that you will feel pertaining to unkind words that may be floating around about you. Blueberries within a dream refer to the dreamer’s youth, as well as a desire to return to youthful ways. Blueberries also serve as a symbol regarding eternity and an optimistic future. If you are gathering gooseberries in a dream, you will experience happiness in the future. Mulberries within a dream represent an illness that may prevent you from achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. If you are eating mulberries in a dream, you may be experiencing bitter disappointments in life. The delicious strawberry is a symbol of temptation, as well as sensuality.


When you dream of a lime, it is a symbol that hard times may be in the future, but after you endure these times, you will experience great periods of prosperity. Lemons on the other hand, denote inferiority within a dream. If you see shriveled lemons in a dream, you may experience a horrific separation or divorce with a loved one. Eating or sucking on a lemon within a dream symbolizes the need to cleanse or go through a period of healing. Below you will find other interpretations dealing with the appearance of fruits within a dream:


Peach: Pleasure and joy; sometimes lust and sensuality


Oranges: Health and prosperity


Prunes: Signifies a blockage in emotions or creativity


Pomegranate: Fertility, good heath, as well as longevity


Melon: Bad health and misfortune in regards to business ventures


Mango: Fertility, lust, as well as sexual desires


Grapefruit: Symbolizes well-being


Grapes: Wealth


Figs: Represents a change for the positive; also refers to sex and an erotic nature


Apricot: A pleasant outlook on life


Apples: Wisdom. If you are eating an apple in a dream, it is a reference for harmony, pleasure, as well as fertility.


Bananas: Sexual urges and desires


Cherry: Honesty, as well as good fortune


Watermelon: Love, desire, lust, as well as passion.