Dream Interpretations 12: Household

When your dreams involve a house or parts of it, there is really meaning behind the aspects concerning yourself; not really pertaining to a specific house. Sometimes analyzing the way your house is kept up or the condition of your dwellings, will allow you to decipher dreams regarding the household. Various rooms in a house represent extremes of your personality and character.


It’s usually a dusty dwelling, but what does it mean when your dreams focus on an attic? When you see an attic within your dreams, it symbolizes memories that are hidden or thoughts that you have attempted to repress. The attic represents a revealing of these thoughts and memories. It serves as a symbol of your mind and spirituality. Usually, these sorts of dreams can be used to overcome any obstacles in your future. If the attic is cluttered in the dream, you should spend some time organizing your thoughts once you awaken.


From top to bottom, we will now discuss dreams concerning the basement. A basement within a dream represents the dreamer’s unconscious mind, as well as their intuition. If the basement appears to be messy, it may signify confusion within their life that must be put at ease. Sometimes it can be a representation of shortcomings within ones life that they would like see settled. Dreaming of a cellar refers to a part of the subconscious mind that stores some of the hidden fears you may possess. If you are going down into a cellar, it means that you are trying to get to the bottom of some of the things that frighten you.


Seeing a bathroom within a dream may mean that you are in need of an outlet to clear your head. It often symbolizes a need to purify yourself and your surroundings. A cleansing of the mind may be what you need. If you are unable to find a bathroom within your dream, this may mean that you are a person who has issues with expressing himself or herself.  You will need to find a way to release your emotions, as well as any tension that you may have.


The bedroom within a dream represents your sexual tendencies. It also refers to a part of yourself that you may want to keep away from others. When you focus on the ceiling in your dreams, your mental or spirituals needs should be taken into consideration. 


The door within a dream is representative of the new opportunities that you may encounter in the future. You may be nearing a new chapter in your life. Locked doors represent the opportunities that have already passed you by or that you will have to overcome many obstacles to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Below you will find additional dream interpretations dealing with the home:


Chimney: Warmth or family values


Closet: Hidden aspects within your life


Den: Work and industry


Balcony: Unpleasant news regarding your friends.  


Door Bell: Unexpected news in the future


Driveway: An end to a journey


Fence: Obstacles and barriers within your life


Garage: Being idle within your life


Vegetable Garden: Prosperity


Flower Garden: True love or a positive home base


Glass House: Unfavorable flattery


Hallways: A new path in life


Living Room: Represents how you perceive yourself


Kitchen: Spiritual satisfaction


Patio: Openness


Porch: Personality


Mansion: A need for growth


Roof: If you are on top of a roof within a dream, it is a symbol for endless success.


Stairs:  Journeys to come in the future


Toilet: Letting go of useless things within your life


Window: High hopes and insight


Walls: Obstacles and boundaries