Dream Interpretations 13: The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors are usually seen as surroundings that are supposed to bring relaxation and have a calming effect on people. For example, when you dream of a valley, it is a sign that positive changes in the future may occur, bringing peace and happiness. Below you will find dream interpretations that deal with outdoor elements, such as mountains, swamps and the desert.


Major obstacles and challenges within your life are represented through the sight of mountains. If you appear on the top of the music, it means that you have conquered any obstacles or that you have reached goals that you have set for yourself. Mountains are also a symbol for spiritual truth. If you are climbing a mountain in your dream, it signifies that you are a determined and ambitious person. Falling off of a mountain in your dream means that you have a habit of giving up on tasks when facing adversity.


When you see a swamp within your dream, it is referring to a part of your life that is dark and hidden. Walking through a swampy location and it means that you will face an obstacle in the near future. Similar to a swamp is dreaming about walking through a marsh. This refers to something entirely different, where the dreamer may be a workaholic or worrier within their waking life and must make changes or health issues will arise.


Field of dreams? Dreams of field? When you dream of green fields, it serves as a symbol for freedom and happiness. You may also experience a time of growth. It may also mean that you have a love of nature. Newly plowed fields represent wealth and fortune. If the fields in your dream are barren or dead, it represents a pessimistic outlook on life that will affect your future.


Parks represent a brief escape from reality when they appear in a dream. It also refers to renewal, meditation and spirituality in ones life. Some will need to evaluate their current situation because it may mean that a time of readjustment may be needed to get back on track after a negative experience. If you are lost within a park, it means that you are or will be dealing with a struggle regarding your career, love life or another issue. You may also be struggling with a bit of self-doubt.


When the woods appear within your dream, it is a representation of life, fertility, as well as a period of rejuvenation. It is also a reference to the spring season. Sometimes the woods may refer to an unknown part of your life. You may have to learn to trust your instincts. If you are taking a walk through a forest, it may mean that any hardships that you have recently endured will lead to the success that you seek. If you are lost within a thick forest, you may be in need of something better in your life. Below you will find additional dream interpretations regarding the great outdoors:


Vineyard: Love


Farm: Fortune in the future. If you are buying a farm in your dream, it is a symbol of success and financial gain.


Desert: Symbolizes loss and bad fortune.


Cliff: Refers to a newfound awareness, as well as a new attitude.


Beach: Calming and tranquil days in the future.


Orchard: Happy home, faithfulness, as well as loyalty.


Meadow: Pleasant reunions