Dream Interpretations 14: Sports

What does it mean when you are dreaming of a baseball or a football game and you’re not even a sports fan? Does it mean any different when you dream of a basketball game when you are a Knicks fanatic? Below you will find a variety of dream interpretations that are associated with sports dreams.


When you dream of one of the main objects used within sports, the ball, it may represent completeness within your life. Some believe it is a sign that you need to rekindle a relationship with your inner child. If you are dreaming that you are watching a ball game, it may mean that you need to take more initiative within your life. You may need to overcome shyness or a lack of confidence within your life.


Dreams regarding baseball suggest sex, contentment and stability. When you are attending a baseball game in your dream, it represents a peace of mind. Playing a baseball game in a dream refers to the goals that you have set for yourself and how you must go about achieving them. If you have been practicing non-serious tactics throughout your life, it may mean that you have to buckle down and focus. Baseball also refers to sexual relationships, as seen with the terms used including “getting to first, second or third base” when speaking of dating situations. If a baseball field is seen under construction, it may mean that there are unresolved sexual issues within your life. When you are viewing or holding a baseball bat in a dream, it suggests motivation and determination when dealing with your life.


Whether you are dribbling a basketball or passing to a teammate, when you are playing basketball in a dream, it represents cooperation, as well as the help needed to complete the goals you have set for yourself. Sometimes it is a sign that you may need assistance in a large project within your life. The basketball itself represents the need to make the first move within a situation, as well as the need to concentrate and stay focus in regards to your goals.


If you are watching or playing football within a dream, it may mean that you will receive satisfaction from the work in your life, as well as reach the goals that you wish to achieve in life. When you are on a football field, competition and being showy is the main theme of this dream.


Venus and Serena watch out! When you are playing tennis in your dream, it represents a change that is needed in your life, as well as the need to assert yourself when you are around others. The dream may suggest the need to prove yourself to others on a constant basis. It may also refer to the inability to commit to various situations, where you are debating between two choices or paths within your life. In a deeper sense, the term “love” is used to refer to a score within tennis. A tennis dream could also refer romance or a courtship. Additional dream interpretations below include:


Golf: Indulgence


Boxing: Internal struggle or conflict


Swimming: A need for emotional support. Emotional difficulties are represented through underwater swimming dreams


Softball: Refers to limits and capabilities


Archery: Refers to a fulfillment of goals within your life


Soccer: Sexuality; sometimes sexual aggression