Dream Interpretations 15: Food

Usually when you dream of food, your dreams are referring to “food for thought,” new ideas and beliefs within your life, as well as things that you need to mentally spend time embracing. There are thousands of food items to consider when dreaming, but we only have room for some of the more common selections. Different types of food represent a variety of themes. Fruit tends to refer to sensuality, where frozen foods symbolize cold emotions.


Before we deal with the main course of your dreams, some of the most important factors regarding food is cooking, the dining room, breakfast and dinner. When you dream that you are cooking, it refers to a desire that you have to influence others in hopes that they will like you. It symbolizes the side of you that is nurturing or that you are in need of being nurtured. These sorts of dreams also refer to the need to be loved within your life. If you are having trouble cooking in your dream, it may be an indication that you are trying to hard in the tasks that are expected of you. Dreams involving the dining room, symbolize the seeking of knowledge and understanding. An important decision regarding your life may surface.


Some say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. When you dream about breakfast, you may have a new project or avenue within you life that you must deal with. But, it could also be just as simple as thoughts centered on what you will prepare for the start of a new day.


The different types of food can symbolize a wide range of things. Generally, fruit is symbolic of sensuality. Frozen foods may imply your cold emotions and frigid ways.  


The last meal of the day, dinner, focuses on social interactions. If you are eating dinner by yourself, it usually suggests that you have to rethink your course of action regarding some of the decisions and goals affecting your life. For others, it symbolizes independence or on the other hand- a lack of social skills. If you are eating dinner with a group, then it refers to you being accepted by others. The way you interact with others is represented through this type of dream. Equality is also a main theme dealing with dreams of eating with others.


They can be hard-boiled, scrambled, deviled or fried. When you dream of eggs, it is a representation of fertility, birth, as well as creativity. Something new may occur within your life when you dream of eggs. If you see a nest filled with eggs in your dream, it refers to monetary gain in the future. The size of the eggs can be associated with how large or small the gain will be. Cracked or broken eggs represent future disappointment or bad luck. It may also symbolize that you will be “breaking out of your shell.” Eggs that are brightly colored represent a joyous event. Rotten eggs represent a future loss or a turn for the worse.


From the dairy group, we have the symbolic food item of milk, which often symbolizes the love of a mother, maternal instincts, human compassion, as well as kindness. If you are drinking milk in a dream, it refers to intense happiness, as well as the strong bond that you have between your family and friends. If you dream of spilled milk, it may represent a loss in faith, trust or opportunity. Sometimes friends are involved in this sort of dream, meaning that they may cause future unhappiness or disappointment in the future. Sour milk represents small issues in your life that will cause much strife. Hot milk refers to a struggle that may occur before future good fortune. If you are bathing in milk within a dream, it usually means that you are surrounding by trustworthy and pleasant companions. The feeling of being smothered within a relationship may be represented through a dream focused on choking on milk.


Below you will find an array of food dream interpretations:


Bread: Refers to the basic essentials in life.


Butter: Indulgence


Cake: Selfishness; sometimes refers to accomplishments and achievements


Candy: Joy


Chocolate: Self-reward


Cheese: Profit and gain


Cookies: Unexpected monetary gain in the future


Garlic: Sensibility


Gravy: Disappointing business ventures


Ice Cream: Refers to pleasure and a satisfying life


Ham: A great loss in the future


Jelly: Pleasantries in the future


Beans: Minor dilemmas


Macaroni: Small losses


Lentil: Unhealthy situations


Lemonade: Self-sacrificing tendencies


Meat: Raw meat refers to future obstacles; cooked meat represents disappointment in regards to objects you wish to obtain for yourself; eating meat refers that you understand the core of issues affecting your life


Molasses: Pleasure and good fortune


Muffins: Symbolizes a hard worker.


Mustard: Success and financial gain


Noodles: Extraordinary appetite or desire


Oatmeal: Financial increase


Olives: Trustworthy companions


Oysters: Wealth, beauty and wisdom


Pepper: Represents a need for more variety within your life


Pickle: Anxiety or fear


Popcorn: Truth, reality and new ideas


Pizza: Variety and abundance


Pie: Rewards for hard work and diligence


Potato: Laziness and stupidity


Rice: Luck, fertility, success, as well as good friendships


Raisins: Negativity that may affect your life


Pretzel: Devotion


Potato Chip: Represents an excessive lifestyle


Salt: A new life experience


Syrup: Represents a sentimental nature


Spice: A lack of variety within your life.


Shrimp: Insignificance


Sandwich: Refers to pressures and stresses within your life.


Tea: Satisfaction and contentment


Vinegar:  Negative issues


Wine: Celebration and companionship.