Dream Interpretations 16: Musical Instruments

You lay your head on your pillow, drift into a deep sleep and out of no where you are playing the piano”¦but you don’t know how to. What does this mean? In this article, you will find dream interpretations that deal with the theme of musical instruments, including the trumpet, bagpipe and banjo.


Now back to that piano. If you are playing the piano within a dream, it may refer to you searching in life for harmony. Sometimes where you are playing the piano indicates the part of your life that needs a change. If you hear the sound of a piano in a dream, it symbolizes that you have attained a certain level of harmony within your life. The direction that your life is going in is pleasing to you at this moment. If a piano is in need of a tuning, it refers to some part of your life that needs to be adjusted.


If you dream of a trumpet, it may mean that something within your life will soon take up a lot of your time. If you are blowing into a trumpet within your dream, it represents your desire to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. It is also a suggestion for you to “wake up” from something affecting your life.


When a violin is seen or heard within a dream, it stands for a symbol of peace amongst family members. If you are playing a violin in your dream, it represents the receiving of a gift in the future, as well as suggests honor. When a violin is seen broken within a dream, it is a sign of sadness or separation.


If you are strumming a guitar in your dream, it is a representation of passion and the revealing of emotions. It could also refer to sexuality. If a broken guitar appears in a dream, it refers to misfortune in love. This is also true for dreams with unstrung guitars. When you are playing a banjo within your dream, it signifies the positive times you are spending or will spend with friends. If another is playing a banjo in your dream, it refers to a future adventure that you may embark on. A new love in your life may appear as well.


When you encounter a bagpipe within a dream, it is a representation of future fortune, whether it be good or bad. Depending on the sort of music that is heard in your dream determines future outcomes. Pleasant music suggests good fortune while unpleasant music suggests misfortune in the future. If you hear a bell within your dream, it represents a warning of some sort. Extreme anxiety is represented through nonstop ringing of a bell throughout a dream. Below you will find additional musical instrument dream interpretations:


Band: Community, family, as well as get-togethers


Flute: Harmony within your life.


Cello: Symbolizes achievements in sensuality and creativity.


Cymbals: Overreaction


Saxophone: Deep connections, as well as deep expressions.


Drums: Progression in life.