Dream Interpretations 17: Religious Themes

Out of all the sorts of dreams a person may have, some of the deepest and most penetrating are the ones that deal with religion. When one dreams of a church, heaven, hell or angels, they can be the most reassuring, as well as the most disturbing, depending on the main theme of the dream.


When you are dreaming and you see the exterior of a church, it represents your attempts to feed your spiritual hunger. It could also refer to the things you deem sacred within your life. When the inside of a church is the main theme within a dream, it may mean that you will encounter a few setbacks in the future. These setbacks will be minor and may also lead to better things down the road.


When heaven is the main theme, it may symbolize your craving to achieve happiness within your life. It could also represent the part of you that is trying to run away from obstacles that may be in your way. This type of dream may also deal with the faith and hope you must connect with.


Dreams regarding hell as a main theme may refer to a situation that you may be faced with that seems there is no way out. Someone may be holding the power to affect your life in some way or it may represent guilty feelings that you may be having regarding a certain situation. If you have been being hard on yourself lately, the dream may mean that it time to go a little easy on yourself.


When you see a cross in your dream, it is a symbol of suffering, death, sacrifice, as well as being a martyr. Sometimes it means that you may have a cross to bear. This is a sign that you must look within your life to see the source of the negativity within your life.


When God appears to you in a dream, it symbolizes your spirituality. Things within your life that are untouchable or unattainable can be represented through this type of dream. It could refer to any attempts you may have in trying to obtain perfection. If you are worshipping God in your dream, it is a representation of the actions and errors that you regret.


When angels appear within a dream, they are a symbol of an unlikely disturbance within your life that may affect your soul. Usually, the sight of an angel represents goodness, purity, as well as comfort and protection. The angels may also be trying to tell you something within the dream; it is wise not to ignore the message. If you appear in your dream to be an angel, it may mean that you are feeling good about your position within life. Below you will find a few additional dream interpretations regarding religious and religious objects:


Mausoleum: Illness, trouble, as well as the death of someone close to you


Communion: Conflict


Confession: Feelings of guilt or self-blame


Jesus: Desires and goals; joy and peace of mind


Bible: Truth, inspiration, as well as knowledge


Baptism: Refers to a renewal, as well as a new attitude towards life.