Dream Interpretations 18: Places Part 1

When dreaming that you are located in a different place than you are used to, you may want to know some of the meanings behind this placement. The locations will vary, whether you dream that you are at a busy airport or passing through a cafeteria.


If you are dreaming that you are in a busy airport, it may symbolize a craving to be free, as well as refer to the ambition you possess. You may be heading towards a new stage within your life. Something new may present itself, whether it is a new career goal, new relationship or new journey. If you find yourself at a deserted airport, it may represent a set of travel plans that may be altered or delayed.


When you appear in an alley within a dream, it may denote a change for the worse in regards to fortune. You may find yourself facing a dilemma in the near future. If you are walking through an alley in your dream, it could be a representation of the need to avoid shortcuts, as well as a no-win situation that you may be stuck in.


When a cafeteria is the place that you have ended up at within a dream, it may refer to some of the issues within your life that may be causing stress. When a castle is seen in a dream, it represents honor, recognition, as well as congratulations for the things that you have accomplished. A castle is also a symbol of power and wealth. If you are seen living in a castle, it is a sign that you may need more security in your life.  


What does it mean when you find yourself at a carnival during a dream? It could symbolize some of the lies and deception that you encounter throughout your life. A lack of harmony in your life may be represented through the sight of freaky objects or performers. If you are enjoying a carnival ride, it is a suggestion that you may currently be enjoying a bunch of cheap thrills. If you have ran away to a carnival, this means that you may be experiencing a draw towards the entertainment industry.


Gambling your next paycheck or taking a chance, why are you dreaming that you are in a casino? Being placed in a casino within a dream refers to the risk-taker qualities that you possess. If you are normally a passive person, the dream may be a sign that you should take a chance in your life. If you already live on the edge, the dream may suggest that you should make more careful decisions. Below you will find additional dream interpretations:


City: Sense of community


Classroom: Important life lessons to learn


Dungeon: Refers to the need to overcome obstacles within your life.


Fish Market: Pleasure and joy


Island: Comfort, peace, as well as a favorable journey


Jail: Confinement and suffocation


Movie Theater: Protection from emotions or other actions


Museum: Refers to something pertaining to your past


Store: Emotional or mental drainage