Dream Interpretations 2: Bugs

There are many subjects regarding dreams, including the presence of insects. Some people harbor an intense fear of these little guys, but in a dream, they may serve as divine messengers. When a dreamer sees an insect in their dream, it may also signify that there are minor obstacles that must be overcome within their life in the form of small problems or irritations.


Insects within a dream can also mean that something is “bugging” the dreamer and they must find a solution to an ongoing issue within their life. Sometimes the sight of an insect within a dream, may serve as a symbol regarding precision, sensitivity, as well as a sense of being alert.


You see them invade a picnic, but what does it mean when an ant has found its way into one of your dreams? The presence of an ant in a dream may signify an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with ones life. The dreamer may feel neglected or small within their everyday surroundings. Since ants are usually seen as hard, strong workers, it may mean that an increase in a workload may be in the future. Sometimes ants stand for rigidity in ones life; maybe the dreamer leads a life that appears too structured.


Busy as a bee in your dream? The presence of a bee in a dream symbolizes happiness, as well as good fortune. If a bee stings you in your dream, it may mean that something unexpected and negative may occur within your life. Trouble may be in the future, as well.


The presence of a beetle in a dream means that something destructive may occur in the near future. Beetles also signify that a reevaluation of ones values may be needed.


A common dream guest is often the spider. Sometimes a spider in a dream may suggest that the dreamer is feeling like an outsider. Spiders also represent a woman’s power and could mean that the dreamer may have to protect himself or herself from an upcoming event.


If you kill a spider within your dream, you may be struck with misfortune and bad luck. If a spider is seen spinning its web within a dream, you should be rewarded for all of your hard work. Job promotions fall into this dream indicator. If a spider bites you in your dream, it may represent a conflict that you are having with your mother or other important female figure in your life. A black widow spider seen within a dream may signify fear or uncertainty regarding a particular relationship in your life.


In dreams, bumblebees suggest problems and distress, where butterflies represent joy, passion, spirituality, as well as creativity. The dreamer may also be undergoing a transformation at the time or one is in the near future. The presence of a colorful butterfly means that a social gathering may arise in the future. While we are on the subject of butterflies, a caterpillar in a dream signifies personal growth. It may also mean that the dreamer is following the right path needed in order for them to achieve the goals they have set ahead of themselves.


The interpretation of other insects within dreams can be found below:


Centipedes: Means the dreamer is ready to let go of some of their fears


Cockroaches: Signifies renewal and rejuvenation


Crickets: Means the dreamer is in need of guidance


Dragonfly: Symbolizes change


Fleas: Means someone will anger you in the near future


Flies: Represents feeling of guilt


Grasshopper: Symbolizes a failed business, as well as impending illness


Hornet: Trouble or danger may be in the future


Ladybug: This is a symbol of good luck, as well as happy times at the job


Lice: Signifies frustration, distress, as well as feelings of guilt


Maggot: Represents the dreamer’s fear of death.


Mosquito: Suggests that something is draining the energy away from the dreamer; may also include a loss of resources


Praying Mantis: Represents a destructive relationship within your life; sometimes it can even mean that you are preying on someone