Dream Interpretations 20: Places Part 3

What does it mean when you dream of attending an amusement park? Why do you keep dreaming of riding the subway and you don’t even have one in town? All of these dream interpretations can be found within this article, which also touches upon dreams focused on apartments, hospitals, as well as the zoo.


You are dreaming and you find yourself visiting an amusement park, which is a sign that you may need to incorporate more enjoyment within your life. This could be symbolic of things that can easily distract you form your tasks. If the amusement park that you are in is empty or seems shutdown, it signifies the need for you to be more open towards other types of fun and entertainment.


When you find yourself dreaming about an apartment, your subconscious may be alerting you to a financial aspect within your life. If the apartment is luxurious and expensive, you may receive some form of financial gain in the future. When the apartment is void of light and is in disrepair, it may be an indication that bad luck could come into your life. Some have also experienced misfortune or an unexpected loss of a loved one or money after having one of these dreams.


If a pleasant-looking building is the focus of your dream, it could be a symbol of luxury that you may experience in the future. It also represents the positive people that you encounter within your life. If the building in your dreams is in ruin, it may be a sign for dilemmas to come in regards to business or love. Buildings are usually meant to symbolize ones self.


When a theater is the main focus of a dream, it is a symbol of the pleasure you will receive from new encounters in the future. If you are laughing and clapping your hands while in a theater, it may refer to the pleasure you will profit from when achieving the goals you have set for yourself. If the theater in your dream is on fire, it may be an indication that you are currently entering into a risky proposition.


Feeling sick? When you find yourself in a hospital during a dream, it may refer to a need you may have to gain a better hold of your mental and physical well-being. Need to participate in a bit of shopping? When you dream of a mall, it may refer to recent attempts you may have made to impress someone. A mall within a dream is a symbol of materialism. You may need to come to grips with an intense desire to obtain the latest fads, trends, as well as technology. Below you will find additional dream interpretations:


Asylum: Sickness and illness. You may be dealing with deep mental strain.


Gutter: Unhappiness


Gymnasium: Daily lessons in life


Hotel: Personal identity, as well as an abandonment of old ways of thinking


Mansion: A high social status


Market: Saving money; sometimes depression or gloom


Subway: Obtaining goals


Wine Cellar: Pleasant times, as well as intense pleasure


Workshop: Skill development


Zoo: Loss of freedom