Dream Interpretations 22: Characters and Occupations Part 1

When characters and occupations appear throughout a dream, there are numerous reasons why you may dreaming of such. There is some sort of aspect within you that is being represented in the dream, sometimes a sign regarding a lack of communication between something suggested within the dream. Focus is needed to decipher the meaning of the dream.


When an actor or actress appears within a dream, it is a representation of your desire for happiness. If you favor a certain celebrity and you find yourself dreaming of them, it may be a reference to a physical or character trait that you wish to possess. If you are an actor in a dream, it may refer to the hard work that you have been putting into your job.  Pay attention to the role you are playing, it may be a sign of some sort to you.


If you dream of a teacher that you presently have or have had in the past, it may mean that you are in need of guidance, advice or knowledge. If you are participating in a journey that may change your life, you may be seeking feedback on where you are going. Sometimes the subject that the teacher in your dream is associated with may be a clue to why they have entered your slumber.


When a pirate is seen within a dream, it is a symbol of a person or dilemma that may be compromising the emotional aspect of your life. A violation upon your creative decisions or integrity may be occurring within your waking life. Sometimes a pirate is a symbol for freedom and breaking the rules. You may have to consider taking a risk or engaging in some sort of adventure when this character appears to you in a dream.


Did you ever take ballet classes when you were a child? If not, the presence of a ballerina may suggest that obstacles in your life may be conquered in the future. Ballerinas also are a symbol for innocence and being vulnerable. Deep down inside, you may feel that you have to keep up with the strict standards of beauty. If a minister is seen in a dream, it may suggest that you need to be a bit more compassionate or understanding in regards to a scenario or relationship within your life. Sometimes it is also a reference that you have stepped on the feelings of others.


When an architect appears in a dream, it is a sign of the creativity you have used in regards to new projects. If you are dreaming of other creative individuals, such as an artist who is painting a picture, it is a suggestion of the creative side of your being. If you are the artist painting in the dream, the subject matter of your artwork is an extension of something that is occurring within your life. Below you will find a few additional interpretations dealing with occupations and characters:


Bus Driver: Leadership


Engineer: Adventures and reunions


Fisherman: Prosperity in the future


Fire Fighter: Deals with a period of self-cleansing.


Gymnast: Strength and grace


Inventor: Achievements


Newspaper Reporter: Future travels


President: Power and control