Dream Interpretations 23: Characters and Occupations Part 2

Continuing the characters and occupations that may enter a dream, you may find yourself dreaming of a well-known singer or perhaps a soldier may appear within a dream. Sometimes you may find yourself in puzzling situations, such as being arrested or marrying a doctor. Below you will find a variety of dream interpretations that may interest you.


One works on your teeth and the other works on the rest of your body. What does it mean when you are dreaming of doctors and dentists? When you dream that you are getting work done at the dentist, it is a sign that you may be in doubt regarding the sincerity of an individual within your life. Sometimes it refers to your fear of pain. When you see a dentist working on another, it may mean that you will discover a scandal within or surrounding your life.


If you are seeing a doctor within a dream, it signifies an illness that is affecting a family member. You may be in need of time to yourself to rediscover your emotions or spirituality. Doctors sometimes foretell positive health result and prosperity; depending on what scene they appear in. If you find yourself marrying a doctor in your dream, it is a sign that you may be deceived by someone you know. 


When a famous singer is seen within a dream, it is a representation of the harmony you experience throughout your life. Sometimes the song that is being sung in a dream can give you clues into some of your subconscious thoughts. A reference to the way you express your opinions and feelings to other can be felt through the sight of a soldier within a dream. Soldiers also symbolize a “battle” that you may engage in over an issue.


When you see the police when you are awake, it is usually a disturbing sight, so what does it mean when you see them in your dreams? If the police appear in your dream, it signifies your failure to complete obligations that you are responsible for. It may also be a sign that you should avoid reckless habits. If a cop is arresting you during your dream, it may refer to sexual or emotionally repressed feelings you harbor in regards to guilt. If you appear in your dream as a police officer, it is a representation of how you view your own morals.


Detectives that appear within a dream is a sign that you may be attempting to solve an issue or you are worrying about something that needs to be cleared up. If a detective is following you within a dream, it may be a sign that you could receive a small monetary treat in the future. Below you will find additional dream interpretations regarding the various characters and occupations that may present themselves throughout one of your dreams.


Tailor: Trouble and arguments


Janitor: Negative business ventures


Jockey: Signifies an unexpected gift


Pope or Priest: Spiritual guidance, spirituality, as well as beliefs.