Dream Interpretations 24: Characters and Occupations Part 3

The final part of the occupation and character dream interpretations will deal with an array of subject matter that may enter your slumber. Some of the characters or occupations you may encounter include judges, lawyers, magicians, as well as the mailman.


You are enjoying a dream and halfway through you encounter a judge. When dreaming of a judge, it is a representation of some of the feelings of guilt or fear that you may be harboring in regards to a situation where you may be caught doing something that is wrong. You should pay attention to some of the happenings of this dream because you may be able to receive information that will help you solve your dilemma. If you are experiencing legal difficulties at the present time, this dream could be an extension of what is occurring. Where there is a judge, there is a lawyer. When a lawyer appears within a dream, it is a representation of the help you have at your disposal, if needed. Sometimes it is a sign that you need to ask for help.


Issues within your life that are stickier than you expected may be represented with the appearance of a magician within a dream. When the mailman is seen within a dream, it refers to the communication you share with others. Shepherds that appear in a dream symbolize guidance, direction, as well as being unified.


When a nurse appears in a dream, it is a sign that you may need looking after or that you are in need of a period of healing. If you see that you are a nurse within your dream, it is a sign that you will soon gain the respect of your peers. When a pallbearer is seen in a dream, it means that you may have to ignore someone else’s attempts to stir up your temper. If a pallbearer is seen carrying a coffin within your dream, it represents a change that must be made within your social life or career.


Celebrities are a common character that may make a guest appearance within a dream. If you see yourself as a celebrity, it refers to the high expectations that you have for your life. If within your dream you see a friend or a companion become a celebrity, it represents a fear  you may have of losing their friendship. If you dream of a celebrity, it represents the part of the individual that you admire or relate to. Below you will find additional dream interpretations:


Clown: Refers to the child-like qualities you may possess.


Professor: Higher learning and wisdom


Puppeteer: Symbolizes a relationship where you may be trying to control or manipulate another


Sailor: Usually, this refers to an journey that involves water, but it also is a sign that adventure and exploration may be in your future.


Referee: Refers to your personal ideals and values


Scientist: Refers to experimentation and the inventive side of you


Ventriloquist: Deception


Waiter: Refers to social gatherings with family and friends that may be in the future.