Dream Interpretations 25 : Babies

Have the pitter patter of little feet ever entered your dreams? Are you curious as to why you have been seeing visions of rattles and baby carriages within your dreams? Some of these items and more are included in this article that deals with dream interpretations involving babies.


When you see a baby in your dream, it usually is a representation of warmth, innocence, as well as new beginnings. Babies serve as a symbol of purity and vulnerability, as well as represent things that are uncorrupted. Sometimes you may be dreaming of an aspect within your life that may seem helpless. When you dream that you have forgotten your own baby, it may refer to a part of you that you are trying to hide because you feel vulnerable in revealing this. This is a sign that you are unwilling to reveal a weakness you may possess.


If you are in a dream, heading for a hospital in order to have a baby, it may refer to an aspect of yourself that seems dependent on others or perhaps it is recognition that you want to be cared for by another. Some dreamers find that this also refers to some sort of responsibility that they do not want to take care of. When you are pregnant and have these types of dreams, it may be a direct result of some of the anxieties you are struggling with in terms of your pregnancy.


When a baby is crying in a dream, it may be a sign that you are feeling that you are not receiving enough attention within your life or that you are in need of a bit of nurturing. It may also be a representation of some of the goals that you have not accomplished in life or that you feel you are lacking a necessity in your life. When a baby is starving within a dream, it symbolizes a dependence that you may have of others, as well as a thirst for attention.


When the baby in your dream is quite small, it may be a symbol of helplessness, as well as your fear of others becoming aware of the vulnerabilities that you possess. Sometimes it is a sign to ask for help when needed, as well as allow others to help you when you insist on taking care of everything on your own. If the baby within your dream appears dead, it means that something that is close to you may wither or cease.


If you are dipping a baby in and out of water, it is a symbol of regression. It means that you yearn to return to times when you did not have to worry about responsibilities or times of worry. It also is a representation of your comfort zone. Below you will find additional interpretations of dreams that deal with babies:


Baby Carriage: Pleasant surprises in the future


Baby Clothes: Personal expression


Babysitter: Refers to an inner child


Baby Shower: Embracing a new start


Bottle: Suppressed feelings


Breastfeeding: Love, tenderness, as well as motherly love 


Belly: Emotions


Birth: May symbolize new projects or ideas


Rattle: Tranquility


Pacifier: Emotional nurturing


Pregnant: Growing and development


Pregnancy Test: You may be entering a new phase of your life, including a new relationship, job or home.