Dream Interpretations 26: Valentine’s Day

Today is the day for lovers, where flowers, candy and teddy bears are being exchanged throughout this joyous holiday, where Cupid reigns prime and conservation hearts offer messages, such as “Text Me,” “I Love You” and Be Mine.”


When you are dreaming that you are sending Valentines, it is a representation of the love and affection you should be showing more often. Receiving a Valentine in a dream symbolizes the good-hearted nature and compassion that you possess, as well as how liked you are by others. When a box of Valentines appear in a dream, suggests that a lover from your past may reenter your life.


When a dream involves you being in love, it represents some of the passionate feelings that you may have within your life. It is also a symbol of being content within life, as well as the happiness you are enjoying. Sometimes it is also a sign that you are not receiving enough love to fulfill yourself, referring to a sense of belonging or acceptance that you may yearn. If a couple appears within your dream and they are in love or expressing love, it is a sign that success may be in your future. 


If a friend or companion is in love with you in your dream, it may be a sign that you have more feelings for them than you expected. This is your time to ponder what could be between you and your friend. Sometimes it is also a sign that you admire certain qualities within your friends that you may want to incorporate into your own life. If you are making love in public or in a place that is quite odd to you, it refers to a sexual issue that you wish to put to rest. It may also mean that you should express yourself more throughout your life, especially paying attention to your sexuality. The focus of such a dream could also apply to the way you feel about gender, love, marriage, as well as sex.


Kisses within a dream symbolize affection, love, harmony, as well as the contentment you enjoy in your life. When others are kissing within your dream, it means that you should stay out of the personal lives and relationships of others and you should focus on your own. If you wake before you complete a kiss, it represents unsure feelings that you may have for someone. Self-acceptance is represented through a dream that shows you kissing someone from the same sex, as well as signifying a recognition of the masculine or feminine side of yourself.


Kissing the hand of another represents respect, while kissing the boyfriend or girlfriend of another signifies your desire to be in a strong relationship. Kissing a close friend is a sign of respect and admiration that you feel for them. When you find yourself kissing an enemy, it is a sign of betrayal, hostility, as well as making up with a friend you have been arguing with. Below you will find additional dream interpretations regarding Valentine’s Day:


Candy: Joy and special treats in life


Chocolate: Self-reward


Cupid: Represents a loving relationship


Flowers: Kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, as well as beauty


Heart: Truth, courage, love and romance


Roses: Faithfulness, love, passion, as well as romance 


Teddy Bear: Happiness and pleasure