Dream Interpretations 3: Animals

A common guest that enters the dreams of many is the presence of an animal. When a person dreams of animals, it may deal with a representation of their own physical characteristics, as well as a variety of primitive desires and sexual wants. The meaning of the animal within the dream will determine the particular qualities pertaining to the dreamer. 


When dreaming of fighting with an animal, it may mean that the animal signifies a hidden portion of yourself that you are trying to deny is a part of you. Animals who talk in a dream represent a high level of knowledge and intelligence. Whatever the animal is saying could be a message for you to follow in your life. Depending on the animal, when you are rescuing an animal from danger, it stems from an acknowledgement that you are exhibiting certain characteristics represented by that animal. Sometimes this sort of dream can mean that you are harboring feelings of inadequacy, as well as a sense of being overwhelmed.


When you see lab animals within your dreams, you may be seeing yourself as a repressed soul. Certain emotions and feelings may be difficult for you to express. Sometimes lab animals represent a need to explore some of the fears and beliefs that you may have.


Dreaming of an alligator symbolizes treachery or deceit. Sometimes an alligator also represents healing. When you are dreaming of being chased by an alligator, it may mean that you are running from a painful or disturbing aspect of your life and that you must confront it. Apes within dreams symbolize deception and lies. Sometimes it can also refer to the dreamer who may need to calm down. 


Bats in a dream can signify dirtiness, the need to fight demons, as well as annoyances that could affect ones life. Sometimes a bat may also represent an old habit that must be done away with in order to promote growth. If you see a white bat in your dream, it represents a death in the family. A black bat symbolizes personal disaster. Vampire bats represent that you may have a person in your life that is “draining” some of your self-confidence. It could also mean that someone is taking advantage of your financial resources.


When a bear is coming after you or attacking you within a dream, it could mean that there are deep obstacles that must be overcome. It also represents aggression and competition. A polar bear within a dream symbolizes a reawakening in ones life. A bull within a dream represents a rich life in the future. The presence of a bull may also symbolize stubbornness, strength, as well as power.


If you see a dog within your dreams, it may symbolize loyalty, protection, as well as generosity. If the dog is mean within your dream or growling, it may represent a conflict that you are having with yourself. A dead dog or one that is dying may symbolize the loss of a friend. If a dog bites you within your dream, it may mean there is a conflict with the balance of your life. Happy, barking dogs represent pleasure and positive social activities within your life.


When dreaming of a cat in your dream, it may represent bad luck or misfortune. A white cat symbolizes difficult times. If a cat bites you in your dreams, it means that there is a domineering female in your life that you must overcome. If you are chasing away a cat in your dream, it may mean that you will soon overcome an obstacle within your life. Below you will find dream interpretations regarding some of the animals that may present themselves throughout some of your dreams:


Cow: Obedience


Coyote: Weakness and deception


Crab: Perseverance


Crocodile: A forewarning of upcoming danger


Deer: Gentleness and natural beauty


Dolphins: Spirituality and intellect


Donkey: Stubbornness


Elephant: Power, strength, intellect


Fish: Good luck, personal wealth


Fox: Cleverness


Frog: Lack of commitment


Goat: Lack of judgment


Gorilla: Sexual nature


Horse: Strong, physical energy


Hyena: An overwhelming feeling regarding your responsibilities.


Kangaroo: Maternal or paternal protection


Lion: Great strength, aggression and power


Lizard: Creativity or renewal


Mice: Business loss, deceit, domestic issues


Monkey: Deceit or symbolizes playfulness or mischievousness


Panther: Lurking dangers or enemies


Puppy: Playfulness or the sense of being carefree


Rabbits: Good luck and fortune


Raccoon: Thievery and deceit


Rat: Guilt or envy


Shark: Greed


Snake: Hidden fears and worries


Tiger: Power


Wolf: Beauty and mystery


Zebra: Balance, harmony and unity