Dream Interpretations 4: Birds

When you are able to understand and interpret your dreams, you will be able to tap into a great power where you could learn a bit more about yourself and how certain factors affect your life. When analyzing dreams, you may uncover secrets and hidden feelings that you never knew existed. Below you will find the interpretations of dreams that deal with the presence of birds.


When a bird appears in your dream, there are plenty of ways to interpret their visit. If the bird is chirping and/or flying, then it may symbolize happiness, love, joy or harmony. Sometimes it means that a weight will soon be lifted off of your shoulders or that you will experience spiritual freedom in the near future.


The sight of bird eggs in a dream symbolizes money, where a bird hatching in your dream signifies delayed success. When you see a bird in a nest, it represents independence and security. Sometimes it means that you should search for something to fall back on. If you see dead or dying birds in your dreams, it may mean that something disappointing may occur in the future. Problems may plague your mind until they are resolved.


Blackbirds in your dream represent a bad omen, meaning you should be aware of misfortune brewing in the coming weeks. Sometimes it also symbolizes a lack of motivation. But if the blackbird is flying in your dreams, then it means you will have good fortune in the future. When you see or hear a mockingbird, this sight represents cleverness, as well as cockiness. You may be a person who has a way of getting what they want. On a down side, it could also mean that you are the type of person who will take credit for another person’s work.


When you see a hummingbird in your dreams, it means that you may be thinking of a small idea that may blow up into something quite large. You may need a little push to get the concept going. It may also mean that you are a person who has issues with committing in a relationship. Jaybirds in a dream suggest pleasant, yet less meaningful work. When a dead jaybird is seen within a dream, it means that there is some sort of domestic quarreling that you are or will have to deal with. Additional bird interpretations:


Blue Jay: Suggests an overconfidence or arrogance


Buzzard: Death


Canary: Happiness


Cardinal: Happiness


Chicken: Lack of willpower. It can sometimes represent gossip or unnecessary conversation.


Crow: Symbolizes annoying habits, as well as a less favorable side of your character.


Doves: Peace, harmony and innocence.


Duck: Spiritual freedom


Eagle: Pride, freedom, courage and high intellect


Falcon: Forewarns the decline of a business


Flamingo: Sense of community


Ostrich: Could mean that you are not facing reality. Ostriches also represent justice and truth.


Owl: Wisdom; sometimes symbolizes death and darkness as well.


Parakeet: Means that a message will soon appear to you.


Parrot: Gossip


Peacock: Symbolizes birth and new growth. It can also mean good fortune in the form of success.


Penguin: Suggests that you may find some sort of balance within your life, as well as inner peace.


Pigeon: Gossip or news


Raven: Betrayal, misfortune or death


Roadrunner: Mental steadiness


Rooster: Suggests that either you or someone close to you is being a show-off.


Swan: Represents a good sign of wealth. Swans are also known for their beauty, grace and dignity.


Turkey: Means that you should think more clearly.


Vultures: Refers to something that has occurred to you in your past that could affect the present or the future.


Woodpecker: Industry


Yellow Bird: Good luck with the finances.