Dream Interpretations 5: Body Parts

In regards to dreaming, the body that you see within your dreams represents your dream ego, as well as the identity that you encounter in your conscious. When dreaming about specific body parts, you should only pay attention to it if they appear different than usual. In your dreams, health issues may be forewarned depending on the body part that is specified.


When dreaming of the stomach area, it may refer to some of your natural instincts, as well as emotions that you keep repressed. If your stomach is exposed in a dream, it may represent trust and vulnerability. Dreams dealing with the ankles suggest that you may need direction in your life. Sometimes you need to stop for a minute and focus on where you are going in life and where you want to be.


If you are exposing your anus in a dream, you may be dealing with feeling of guilt, shame, as well as self-worth. It may also mean that you or someone in your life, may have to let loose a bit; suggesting that there is a bit of uptightness on your part. When you dream of rotten teeth, it means that either your health or your business may be in disarray. If your teeth are loose in a dream, it symbolizes failure or bad news to come. When you are brushing your teeth in a dream, you may have a hard obstacle that you must overcome. 


When you are dreaming of fingernails, the condition of them can be interpreted in different ways. When the fingernails are clean, it means that you are well-cultured. Dirty fingernails represent a disgrace that may hover over your family. If your fingernails are breaking in a dream, then it may mean that you are trying to dodge a responsibility. When you are polishing your fingernails in a dream, this symbolizes glamour. 


Arms within a dream symbolizes reaching out and caring for others. Sometimes it can also refer to struggles and obstacles that you may be encountering within your life. If your arm is injured in a dream, it means that you may be helpless in a certain situation where you may need the help of others. The act of ripping off the arm of someone else signifies that you are quite mad at someone and that you were unable to let him or her know about it. You should work on not bottling up your emotions. The armpit represents the relationships that you keep with others. If you constantly smell your armpit in a dream, then you may be looking for acceptance during this time in your life.


If you are dreaming and you are either bleeding or losing blood, then you may be feeling drained of all of your emotions or are feeling quite tired to the point of exhaustion. You may also be experiencing a quarrel among friends. In women, dreams of blood often follow or precede menstruation and pregnancy. If you are drinking blood in a dream, then you may experience a newfound feeling of power.


Below you will find further interpretations of dreams that focus on a particular body part:


Back: Represents your strengths, as well as burdens you must encounter within your life.


Bones: Deals with secrets that you may have regarding your personal life, family or culture.


Brain: Symbolizes stress of the mind.


Breasts: Nourishment, motherhood, as well as sexual energy


Butt: May refer to a feeling of being insecure.


Calves: Movement


Cheeks: Commitment and intimacy


Chest: Confidence


Ears: Immaturity


Elbows: May mean that you are in need of space in your life.


Eyes: Knowledge, understanding


Eyebrows: Concern


Eyelashes: Good health


Feet: Stability


Fingers: Manipulation


Fist: Aggression and power


Forehead: Good judgment and fairness


Head: Wisdom and understanding


Neck: Willpower


Nose: Energy and wisdom


Rib: Poverty


Shoulders: Strength and responsibility


Skeleton: Represents something that has not been fully developed


Skin: Protection or a shield


Skull: Danger or death


Thigh: Endurance


Toes: Represents the way that someone walks through life


Heart: Truth, romance and love


Intestines: Evil, bad luck and disaster


Kidneys: Illness or broken marriage


Knee: Symbolizes feeling a lot of emotions


Legs: Confidence


Lungs: Creativity


Liver: Represents the possibility of a physical impairment


Mouth: Represents that there is a need to express yourself


Muscles: Power and strength