Dream Interpretations 6: Colors

When dealing with the dominance of a color within a dream, you should first look into your own life and ponder the sort of personal associations that can be made with the color that you are dreaming of. Sometimes a color within a dream may refer to a person in your life, as well as a variety of other references.


Sometimes a childhood memory, body part or familiar object can be represented through the color within the dream. For example, the color green could refer to the color of your first car depending on the context of your dream. Below you will find a few interpretations dealing with a wide-range of colors.


The color beige within a dream signifies getting back to the basics. It may also mean that you have a neutral personality. The color brown represents comfort within a domestic scene, as well as a conservative nature. It may also symbolize the ground, as well as the earth.


When the color black is a dominant theme within a dream, it symbolizes mystery, darkness, death, hate or mourning. The color white appear within a dream to suggest purity, perfection, as well as innocence. Other references include cleanliness, awareness, as well as a time to start a new beginning. A fresh outlook on life may be in the future. Eastern cultures view the color white as a representation of death or mourning.

Sometimes a dream that is in black and white represents sadness or depression. Sometimes this is an indication that there needs to be more excitement within your life.


The color blue symbolizes truth, wisdom, loyalty, openness, devotion, tranquility, as well as heaven. When this color appears within in dream, it may symbolize spiritual guidance, as well as optimism regarding the future. Sometimes this also means that you have clarity within your mind. If you are feeling sad or down, the color blue may be dominant within your dreams.


When the color burgundy appears within a dream, wealth and success may be in your future. It also symbolizes the potential power you may possess. Thoughts centered on the color fuchsia represent spirituality and meditation. This may also mean that you need to change something within your life, as well as sport a new attitude.


Gold within a dream means that you should receive some sort of spiritual reward in the future. Fear, depression, confusion and ill health can be suggested through a dream that features the color of gray. The dreamer may be distant or detached at the time of their dream. Further colors to make a note of include:


Green: Symbolizes a positive change in the future, as well as good heath, hope, peace, serenity and healing. This color also signifies wealth, money and jealousy.


Hot Pink: Sex and lust


Indigo: Spirituality, as well as deceit


Ivory: Superiority


Maroon: Courage, strength, heroism, as well as bravery


Olive Green: Wisdom


Orange: Friendliness


Peach: Innocent love, as well as wisdom


Pink: Love, joy, happiness, kindness.


Purple: Devotion, kindness, as well as compassion. High royalty and dignity is also associated with this color.


Red: Energy, intense passion, power and courage. Sometimes this color also represents danger, shame or sexual impulses.


Silver: Justice, purity and protective energy


Teal: Devotion and healing


Turquoise: Natural energy and healing power


Violet: Affection, gentleness, charm, as well as peacefulness.


Yellow: Energy, happiness, harmony and wisdom