Dream Interpretations 7: Holidays

Since Christmas has passed and the New Year has come, you may have dreamt of sugar plums dancing in your head, but there are other thoughts regarding the various holidays that may appear throughout the year. Below you will find interpretations dealing with a variety of holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter.


When you dream about the holidays, it may represent that you are in need of a break from your daily routine or that you should get a bit of rest and relaxation within your life. Sometimes it signifies a need to “escape” from the duties that you are responsible for. Depending on the holiday you are dreaming about, you may have to deal with family disputes; your personal outlook on life, as well as difficult experiences. Below are interpretations based on specific holidays and events:


Christmas: Dreaming of Christmas deals with the anticipation of family getting together; reunions, as well as a celebration of life. New beginnings may be in the future. If a Christmas card appears or is sent within a dream, you are interested in reaching out to a loved one or that you wish to contact someone who you have not spoken to in a long time. It is also a symbol for forgiveness, meaning that you may have to let go of the past. Christmas trees within a dream represent family celebrations and relationships. Stress may be present in your life at that time.


New Year: Dreaming of the New Year or New Year’s Eve, prosperity and hope may be in the future.


Halloween: The underworld and death is represented when Halloween is encountered within a dream. Sometimes you may feel more apt to express your true feelings during this time.


Thanksgiving: A sense of community is felt when dreams surround around Thanksgiving. Other interpretations include family reunions, togetherness, as well as other festivities. Sometimes it involves a message that you need to thank someone for something. You may also owe someone a favor.


Easter: Dreaming about Easter represents ease in the problems within your life. Whatever sadness you were dealing with in your life will subside and joy will take over. There should be no feelings of shame in your life. These sorts of dreams also suggest spiritual growth.


Valentine’s Day: If you are dreaming about sending valentines, it means that you need to show more affection or love towards your friends and family. If you are receiving a valentine in a dream, it symbolizes how liked you are by others, as well as your nature and compassion. A box of valentines represents an old lover may reappear within your life.


Although not an official holiday, you may feel as if your birthday is a holiday. When you dream about your birthday, it represents that you have accepted who you are. A birthday cake within a dream symbolizes that all the wishes you may have for yourself will come true. It also signifies that you are willing to let others into your life during this time.