Dream Interpretations 8: Feelings

Common themes dealing with the emotions of a dreamer usually include fear and anxiousness. One of the main themes of a dream may include thoughts of anger. With every pleasant emotion within a dream, there is another dream featuring feelings of sadness, anger or fear to match it. Throughout the day, the dreamer may have carried with them these thoughts and they are coming out in the form of a dream.


One of the main points to consider when analyzing feelings within a dream, is that these emotions do not represent symbols, but are actual reflections of feelings that you are dealing with. For example, if you are dreaming about disliking someone in a dream, then you may have deep-seeded emotions regarding a questioning of that person’s honesty or integrity. If you are dreaming that someone dislikes you, it may signify jealousy or that any good intentions that you may have could fade into selfishness. Below you will find a variety of pleasant and not-so-pleasant feelings and emotions you may experience within a dream or nightmare.


Pleasant Feelings

When you are dreaming of love, you may be feeling intense feelings for someone in your waking life that translate to happiness and a sense of being content. Sometimes the tone of the dream should be taken into consideration; dreaming of love may mean you are not getting enough of it in your life. A feeling of acceptance and love may be what you are craving.


Dreaming of peace may mean that you are experiencing an end to a conflict you may be having with yourself or there is an emotional dilemma that may need attention. Peaceful dreams mean that you are dealing with a comfortable level of being stable and calm. Being too calm may mean stormy times are ahead, as in the theory of “a calm before the storm.” Below are a few other feelings that a dreamer may experience while sleeping:


Delight: Positive turns to come in life


Devotion: Represents strength within ones beliefs, as well as a message to stay away from deceitful ways.


Happy: Changes may be needed to achieve a happy life within your waking life.


Joy: Harmony between friends and loved ones.



Not-so-Pleasant Feelings

If you are afraid to continue in something that you have started, it is a representation of trouble brewing on the home front or negative outcomes regarding a business. If others are afraid within your dream, it may mean that a friend could be unable to help you out with any problems you may be having because they are dealing with some of their own.


When you are aggressive in a dream, you may be repressing sexual needs. You may be dealing with an issue within your life that is revealed in your dreams. Feelings of annoyance may mean that you have co-workers that may try to work against you. Dreaming of anxiety may mean that you are feeling anxious within your waking life.


Intense situations may be in the future or in the present life if you dream abut being angry. You may have been feeling angry before you went to sleep, causing the feeling to carry over within a dream. You may feel that within your dream self, it is safe to express these feelings. When others are angry with you within a dream, it may represent difficulties with a friendship. Below are a few other negative feelings that may surface within a dream:


Betrayal: Represent suspicions you may have about somebody, a relationship, as well as a situation in your life.


Confusion: There are events within your life that you may not be able to make sense of.


Depressions: Bad news may be in the future.


Despair: You may be dealing with hardships within your life. A friend or relative may be in great danger.


Embarrassment: Hidden weaknesses and fear.


Envy: Jealous feeling regarding friends


Fear: Anxieties dealing with events within your life.


Frustration: You are having problems dealing with something in your life.


Guilt: Issues with competence and failures.


Sad:  A positive change within your life may be in the future.