Electric And Magnetic radiation health Effects

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Electric, Magnetic And Other Field radiation

Effects On Your Health


James Behr

Lately, a lot of reports have been flying around, still unconfirmed,

as the experts will tell you, about electric and magnetic fields and

perhaps other forms radiation being dangerous to your health.

The biggest exposure you get from these fields are from your T.V.

or video display terminal (VDT).

There are two types of field intensities VLF (very low frequency)

and ELF (extremely low frequency).

You could get antiradiation screens to combat this but they only

work on electric fields at the forementioned frequencies but it is

the magnetic field that seems to be the culprit for all the health


Not to say that electric fields are by no means non-hazardous as the

current controversy over the above ground electric power lines will

contest or the sleepiness in subways that is thought to be caused by

the third rail electric field.

The type of health concern is not one of catching a cold due to

these fields but disruption on the molecular level and the

disprution of DNA reproduction causing mutations or cancer.

Let’s take the brain, the brain is composed of millions, perhaps

billions, of neurons. Neurons work by electrical stimulus. As we all

know (or some of us anyway) magnetic fields cause current to flow

(among other things) and this includes electric fields which is a

form of magnetism. Imagine passing a very strong field say in the

subway and now imagine on the neuron level.

The field will have a profound affect on the stimulus of these

neurons either activating them or dulling them which brings me back

to the sleepiness a lot of people seem to suffer when they get into

the subway.

DNA may even be more at risk by the a field’s influence on essential

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enzymes for DNA construction causing the DNA system to malfunction

and be diverted from the original “designer’s” plan.

This is all from two types of Wavelengths on a spectrum and they

should be a great cause of concern for all. But this leads me to

think: What about the other Wavelengths?

Right at this minute, thousands of waves are passing thru the body

from radio and t.v. transmissions and thousands of others sources.

what are they doing to the body? Not that I want to cause worldwide

panic but it does make one wonder.

Of course the experts tell us that all of this can neither be denied

nor confirmed so you will have to draw your own conclusions. As for

me, I’ve taken no chances.

I have on my radiation suit to protect me from the other

wavelengths, I’m sitting more than 28 inches from the t.v. and VDT

with a grounded antiradiation shield and the back of the t.v. and

VDT encased in lead to absorb stray waves. This may seem a bit

excessive but like I said I’m taking no chances. Wait, isn’t lead



Vangard note…

The subtle energy system of the body are known to be highly

sensitive to both electric and magnetic fields. When these

fields become resonant with particular components of living

systems, phase shifting and excess amplitudes can induce changes

not necessarily of benefit to the tissues affected.

The DNA/RNA replication cycles are especially sensitive to such

artifically applied electric and magnetic fields. The hydrogen

bonds which hold the DNA staircase together are very easily

broken. This is referred to as “denaturation” and can allow the

wrong amino acid to form in a wrong position on the staircase.

This, in turn eventually leads to mutations and a host of other

symptoms. We refer you to DNAMAST1 and DNAMAST2 for more

information regarding the DNA chains and how they operate.