Electron Sensitive Membranes in Cancer Cells

Electron Sensitive Membranes and their Role in the

Formation of Cancer

As a general rule, every cell in your body is operating under a

system of “feedback control.” A control system of this type is

frequently found among living cells.

In trying to explain the complexity of living cells, perhaps the

best approach is to simply say that the thermostat in your home is

much like the feedback mechanisms in cells.

Without actually analyzing the components in detail, it is sufficent

to know that parts of each cell normally function together, in

reacting to whatever environment the cell is normally found in.

Secondly, DNA is the genetic apparatus which controls the functions

and activities of the living cell. That is, the same DNA is active

in each columnar epithelial cell which lines the intestine of any

given individual, as shown above.

And as a general rule, it is the “regular orientation” or “the

standardized activity” of the DNA in each of those cells which

enables them to work in a regular, stablized manner.


It has been difficult for researchers to understand how a given

tissue has the ability to order, and/or properly restore its own


It is only now being recognized and published, by Neu Facts, Inc.,

that normal cells must communicate with each other by way of

Electron Sensitive Membrane Proteins.

These “ESM Proteins,” in turn, are linked into the feed-back control

systems, at various levels of activity, in each cell. Since each

cell as shown above, is operating under the same active DNA , then

it is also true that the same “ESM Proteins” must exist along the

sides of every one of those cells.

Hence, each cell in any given tissue is normally linked, via its

“ESM Proteins,” to the common information content of every other


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When you put cells into a regular laboratory culture however, these

cell-to-cell communications are evidentily no longer active or

essential. The entire system fails when each cell begins to

function on an independent basis.


It is easy to see how fats, and especially poly-unsaturated oils

play an important part in all this. They are difficult to digest.

The fats also coat the membrane surface of the intestinal cells.

And if ANY laboratory animal is put on a high fat diet, mouse or

rat, it will spontaneously develop a cancer and it is usually a

cancer of the colon!


The results of a high fat diet links perfectly to the issue of the

“ESM Proteins. The key factor is the difficulty which cells

experience in degrading fats.

As the levels of undigestible fat climb, it is obvious that they

physically limit regular “ESM Protein” activity.

Hence, the functionally connected feedback system of cellular

regulation is increasingly potentiated to fail. It poses a serious


Abnormal growth occurs if a cell (or cells) CAN NO LONGER SEND OUT

an electronic signal TO CONFIRM ITS PRESENCE among the other cells

of a given tissue. When this happens in colon cancers, most

Doctor’s know what usually takes place.

A small group of unnecessary cells starts growing first. These form

what is known as a polyp.

Assume, for the moment, that the cells normal ESM Protein

performance has been altered by the fats and that the cells normal

communications system has failed in some of the cells on both sides

of the long arrow in the drawing above.

The other cells start dividing! They are designed to reproduce but

now they are attempting to replace WHAT IS MISTAKENLY PERCEIVED TO

BE DEAD OR otherwise MISSING, neighbor cells. A glob of fat has won

a very tiny battle, but the real war doesn’t stop there.

Those cells will continue to grow until the neck of that same area

of cells is totally closed off. And as the enclosed cells continue

to grow, they will cause further problems.

If the patient is fortunate, by seeing a Doctor when the first signs

of bleeding occur, the polyps can be surgically removed. Then a

small sample of those cells, from the polyps, are sent to a


Once examined under a microscope, if there are no abnormal cells

growing among those cells, the growth will be declared “benign,” or



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The Doctor’s say, “We caught it just in time.” What this means is:

the genetic apparatus of those cells (the DNA) seems to be in good

working order, and a great many cells were in one place where only a

few should have been.

What Makes Cancer Cells Different?

The abnormal operation of the cell’s DNA, is the critical factor and

once again that issue is linked to high dietary fats.

In January, 1971, M. J. Hill and associates of St. Mary’s Hospital

Medical School in London, England, discovered that certain gut

bacteria might play an important part in the emergence of colon

cancers, based on studies on cancer prone populations.

In August of that same year the same researchers reported that one

of the same bacteria that they had suspected to be somehow able to

initiate colon cancers, was also active in breast cancers.

That bacteria, reported to be a “normal component of the human

intestinal flora” was lecithinase-negative clostridia and they BREAK


In the process, they also produce two very powerful “look alike”

female hormones. Furthermore, it is known that the hormone levels

in man drop, due to extreme stress, or when an individual passes the

normal reproductive stages. Evidently, that’s when these bacteria

really bloom.

Researchers have found that excessive amounts of hormones (estrone

and estradiol), are carried by post-menopausal women with breast


In addition, other tissues have been found to “behave like target

organs” for these estrogens, such as the uterus, the vagina, and the

pituitary. Cancers emerge there and the same bacteria is found

there in limited numbers.

Many other reports in the medical literature note that a hidden

relationship exists between clostridium, cancer, and the hormones

which clostridium produce.

– How Does It All Fit Together? –

The initial cancer cell emerges when the key features of regular


It may be due to radiation, a cancer causing chemical, or the

transfer of foreign DNA from a bacteria. The cell’s own DNA becomes

altered, or infected with the bacteria’s foreign DNA.

The bacteria are smaller than a dot on this screen or printed on

this page, but their DNA causes a significant change in the ESM

Protein of the affected cell.

Once the DNA is transferred, normal cell-to-cell communications fail

and the reordered DNA enables the cancer cell to live and operate on

the bacteria’s ESM Proteins.


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The cell’s normal ESM Proteins are lost. And the body’s immune

system did not detect the ESM Proteins of the bacteria, so it will

not detect the cancer cells either!

It is also important to note these things:

1. Researchers have had such a problem with cancers because

NONE of the cancer cell features have ever fallen under the

ordinary rules of bacteriology and disease.

2. The millions of cells, which make up each cancer, have each

unfolded WITH THE SAME PROPERTIES of the first, initial

cancer cell.

3. The altered DNA reorganizes membrane features which

obviously lends themselves to a flexible and unstabilized

range of activities, relative to a tissue’s ability to order

and/or properly restore it’s own numbers.

4. The bacteria involved in each cancer can be easily

identified because they normally exist among the cancer

cells which some of their own DNA, in part, initially

produced, and

5. these bacteria also produce hormone sensitive cancers, such

as breast cancers, via “hormone carriers” which transport or

move the offending DNA through the host’s blood stream to

the hormone-sensitive cells.


Vangard Note….

Most researchers are aware of how oil effects electricity. It

acts as an insulator due to its exceedingly high dielectric


This coating of oil acts as an insulator which in turn PREVENTS

the SENSING of cells BY OTHER CELLS. Replicate then occurs

WITHOUT THE GUIDANCE of the controlling chemical and IONIC

(read electrical) interchanges.

A most interesting discovery and hypothesis which might help to

explain some of the seemingly miraculous and spontaneous

“cures” of cancer. Remissions have occurred after such simple

actions as altering the environment or diet.

If this ESM Protein hypothesis is true and the agglomeration of

fat on the walls of the cells is of sufficient quantity as

brought about through a fatty diet, then it follows that the

cells could lose touch with the master controller of that organ

or system.

If true, the concept leads to new possibilities for the

treatment of cancer as well as a complete and thorough

re-examination of old and unorthodox techniques in light of the

ESM Protein theory.

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