Energy Healing

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Energy medicine – genesis of a disease and spiritual healing using energy medicine products. Healing Effects are proven throw many clinical researches. You can find more on http://www.best-buy-shopping.com/about-energy-medicine.aspx.

Knowledge and Powers received in direct contacts with the Spiritual Energies in deep meditation. Ljubisa Stojanovic reached as deep as one can reach into the Unique Field – brain wave frequency as low as 0.000000012 Hz ! You can see Ljubisa Stojanovic EEG brain wave measurement on http://www.best-buy-shopping.com/image.aspx?img=ljubisas-brain.gif

Structure of the aura and luminous body

Creation and development of the Places of Power

New meditation method “Road to Enlightenment” only one capable of reaching the brain wave frequency of 0.15Hz after which Energy Cloud, one of the eternal manifestations of the Holy Spirit take supervision and enhance the development of highly developed luminous bodies.

Brain activation method which will signifactly develop the human race.

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