Exploring the Heart, Head and Life Line

When reading palms, there are three main sets of lines that a palm reader will pay attention to. The most commonly spoken of palm lines are the life and heart line, but you probably are unfamiliar with the head line, which is also a line many palmists will take note of. Below you will find information regarding these popular lines of interest.


Heart Line


One of the major lines of interest is the heart line, especially those who are looking for a bit of insight into the future of their love life. This line can be located around the top of the palm, which is under the fingers. Depending on what tradition you follow, this particular line is read beginning from the edge of the palm (beneath the pinkie finger) brushing across the palm, moving towards the thumb. It is also common to see palm readers begin under the fingers, then moving towards the outside edge of the palm. This line deals with matters of the heart. This extends to both the physical, as well as symbolic aspect of the palm reading. In regards to the art of palmistry, there are many different conclusions that can be made on a variety of factors that affects life. Matters concerning depression, emotional stability, as well as cardiac health can be explored when dealing with the heart line.                                                              


Head Line


The next line that palm readers focus on is called the head line. It is the line that begins at the edge of the palm (under the index finger), which can be traced over the palm, moving onto the outside edge. Sometimes, you will see that the head line and the life line can be found touching at certain points of the palm. The head line deals with your mind and what makes it tick. A lot can be learned from this palm line. Some of the things that a palm reader may be able to tell a person when reading this line is insight regarding the way that they learn. Information pertaining to the individual’s intellect, ways of communication, as well as desire to learn may be deciphered. Right and left brain issues may also present themselves when reading the palm, which allows an individual to learn more about the way they approach learning. Usually, a person learns better on a creative level or takes the analytical way towards retrieving information. 


Life Line


The last line of main importance when reading the palm is called the life line, which is surrounded by a large amount of controversy. When locating the line on the palm, you will find that it extends from the edge of the palm (above the thumb) and moves further towards the wrist in an arc-like pattern. When analyzing this particular line, it is thought that the answers to the strength and length of life can be monitored. The overall well being of a person is also one of the factors considered when checking out this line. Physical health is also a major concern that people turn to palm reading for answers.


Many are under the impression that the life line is just about how long you will live, but there are many other variables that this line deals with. Some turn towards the reading of the palm to get a heads up on major changes that may occur within their life. This can be seen through various events that may present themselves in the future, as well as unexpected injuries that may threaten your physical health. Although it is a popular belief in regards to the reading of palms, but most palmists during modern times do not hold truth to the thought that the length of ones life can be determined to how long or undisturbed the life line is.