Fasting for Spiritual Growth

Fasting is a spiritual practise that grants both physical and spiritual benefits. It is best to fast for spiritual benefit rather than as a remedial measure based on astrology.

On days of fast, abstinence from food is not the only routine to follow…. we also have to maintain high standards of morality including not harming any living being, not uttering lies, not speaking unnecessarily, and spending time in Divine contemplation or contemplation of the self. On days of fast, you might have observed that your mind can be controlled better and you normally do not succumb to the temptations that might otherwise bother you. So, days of fast should essentially be set aside for meditation and other spiritual practises. If we fast for any mundane benefit, then we diminish its spiritual potential. It is almost similar to filling in a meagre sum of money in an open check when the giver of the cheque has given us the freedom to fill in a reasonably large amount! No mundane benefit can equal the worth of spiritual evolution and liberation. In sanskrit, we call fasts as “Upavaasam” – meaning “living near”….. living near what or whom?….. it is living near Divinity. On days of fast meditate on the serene figures of God heads,contemplate on the teachings of HOly scriptures, reflect on your life events and critically introspects,… in short lead your life at a higher level which is rightfully yours but in which level you cannot live normally due to mundane duties that are constantly pulling you down!

It is considered beneficial to fast on Ekasasi days because on Ekasasi days, the Moon trines the Sun. A trinal aspect is always auspicious. Moon signifies the Mind and Sun signifies the Soul. When the mind and Soul are favourably aligned, you will find it easier to set your mind in tune with the Higher goals of your soul rather than in sync with the temptations of the flesh! Fasting on Pournami (Full Moon) days (You can fast throughout the day, and take food after sighting the Moon) is auspicious again. Similarly, you can fast on Amavasya (New Moon) nights (i.e. skipping the supper). You can follow the traditions of your religion for selecting auspicious days for fast, but fasts undertaken on any occasion generally have their beneficial effects on body (cleansing the internal organs by resting them), mind (you will experience a rare serenity) and Soul (fasting acts powerfully to reduce the potency of many minor negative karmas). That is the reason why fasting is a standard spiritual routine in almost all major religions.

Wish you happy and purposeful fasting.

Blessed be.

This writer is an astrological consultant and remedial expert based in Chennai, India. He can be contacted via email at :[email protected]