Finding your inner self through meditation

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Meditation, the search for the inner self. Yes i meditate as well and sometimes its more like a vision quest and sometimes not. The music kinda sets the mood, sometimes its the amazon jungle sounds, or the ocean and other times native american music and the last time i meditated i closed my eyes and listened to the music ( Native American), listening to the drum beat and the heya heya…breathing in………and breathing out……. when i felt a feeling rising and went to the land beyond dreams….. until i saw an eagle in the sky and jumped into the air and started to fly behind the eagle…… feeling the air going thru my hair and feeling the wind touching my skin…. while having the immense feeling of freedom… trying to look thru the eagles eyes of the vision beneath. after flying for a while…….. i landed and sat on some beautiful red table shaped mountain, somewhere in the american desert, looking at a beautiful red sun saying good bye and going to sleep, feeling its remaining rays on my skin and the peace it left behind….. until i found a wolf sitting next to me and joined him…. howling at the upcoming moon and saying hello to the night…… so after i howled enough……. i left him howling at the moon, while i began to run and run crossing the American dessert blending into the African steppe…. until i saw a horde of antelope and began to run next to the antelope , enjoying the landscape at a higher speed and feeling the inner satisfaction of life….. until i could not run anymore and left them running into the horizon….. when i started to return and wake up….. entering the world of reality