God, Man and Aliens

The soul is eternalIn my recent posting Re: Song of the Greys and Jane Waters, I directed readers to this category as I was having some conflict about the subject matter which seemed to be  more of a spiritual or religious nature and yet, I wanted to tie it into the UFO/Alien abduction phenomena and respond to Jane Waters very interesting article, “A Warning Like No other to Mankind” as well as her summary of Nigel Kerner’s interesting hypothesis regarding the alien/abduction scenario as well. While Mr. Kerner’s conclusions are very deep and intellectual, I do not agree with him on many points but found his catch phrases such as “Godhead” and “Godverse” to be fascinating and in order to respond to that book in particular would be the subject of another lengthy article that I may address at a later date.


Thus I would like to address the issues raised from both Jane Waters and Nigel Kerner’s speculations (or are they?) from a “Vedic” point of view after having scrutinized the ancient Sanskrit texts of India known as the “Vedas” these past 27 years which are, from a historical point of view 5,000 years old but regarded as “eternal” knowledge. “Veda” in fact means knowledge. But it is knowledge that is transcendental and yet, non-sectarian. That is, it pertains to all living beings for all time. The premise being that no man, woman, child or alien can escape the stringent laws of material nature that is birth, death, old age and disease. I believe all will agree that these are concomitant factors of embodied life.


No one can say they will never get sick or die. As far as birth is concerned, this falls into the realm of  “reincarnation” and it is a very vast science. In fact, this “science of God” is as vast and unfathomable as an ocean and thus I will give only a thumbnail sketch of how the Vedic literatures pertain to not only human beings, but alien entities as well.


There are millions upon millions of universes and millions upon millions of planets floating in the cosmos. The universe in fact is teaming with life even though we may not see it or perceive it with our blunt material senses. Yet, various forms of life exist nevertheless. In fact, according to the Vedas there are 8,400,000 species of life. Of that number, 400,000 are of human and sub-human varieties.


The Vedas state that from the highest planet in the material universe down to the lowest, all are places of suffering wherein repeated birth and death take place. We are all trying to find happiness in a place that does not exist. One could say then that this material world is illusory, in that it has no eternal existence. It is real, but it is temporary. This material cosmos is controlled by what is known as “kalasya” or, the time factor. Everyone can agree that whatever we see with our eyes will not be here tomorrow, next year or five-thousand years from now. Everything is worn down by time. Including the human body. Change is constant. No one can escape these stringent laws. Young or old, rich or poor.


The bodies of all living entities in fact are temporary and therefore illusory. That is, the body that you see reflected in the mirror while real, will one day be buried, burned, eaten by insects and converted to stool. It is temporary. The body is just dead, dull matter. It has no separate consciousness of it’s own. I think everyone will agree with this premise. It is also interesting to note in this regard that the great religious saint that appeared in West Bengal, India 500 years ago known as Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu also stated that, “The human form is rarely to be achieved.”


This may also answer some of Mr. Kerner and Ms. Waters hypothesis. Namely, that in my opinion, the aliens, from whatever culture they may be coming from, find the human form indeed “Godly” and in fact desire to clone or preserve us in some fashion if we are to take the above statement By Lord Caitanaya to be true. This is food for thought.


However, the soul, known in Sanskrit as the “jiva” is one-ten-thousandth the size of a tip of hair or “anu” or atomic in size and thus cannot be seen by the naked eye. Yet, it is this soul that sits in the heart of ALL living entities and illuminates the body with consciousness. It is eternal. It never takes birth and it never dies. Its constitution is spiritual. Please try to understand this by the following crude analogies. Analogies are important because they have their basis in truth in order to draw similarities for proper understanding.


What is the cause of one’s feeling, willing, thinking and acting? What is it that animates the body into action? It is the soul proper. Everyone knows that without the presence of the soul the body is dead and it decomposes. It is unconscious. This soul is a bit, or part and parcel of God’s, or in the Vaisnava philosophy, Krishna’s consciousness. (God has millions of names.) The real living entity is this minute soul that takes birth again and again after the demise of the material body. Even a tree has this same, identical soul. If we are bits of God’s soul we can only imagine how “vibhu” or almighty God actually is.


The crude analogy is a drop of water from the ocean. It has the same constitution as the ocean but it is not as huge as the ocean. We are limited and the ocean, or God, is “unlimited.” This is the meaning of almighty and only God can claim this title. He is a person as well. But he is the creator and controller of the material energy just as a warden can enter a prison house yet not be subjected to the laws of the prison as the inmates are. Thus God or Krishna, agrees to appear in human society from time to time, or sends his pure representatives such as Allah, Christ, Buddha etc. (satyavesa-avatars) in order to reclaim fallen souls who may have forgotten their eternal positions according to “time, place and circumstances” throughout man’s history. These representatives are “jiva-souls” but are empowered for specific purposes. They are eternally liberated such a Jesus Christ.


Try to understand. Regarding the soul, here is a crude example. You are sitting in your backyard at night and it is dark. There is no light in your house. Someone comes into the front door unbeknownst to you and turns on the living room light which illuminates the entire house. This is what the soul does. The souls has it’s own separate form and senses. It is that life or consciousness that susatains us. It is almost like in one sense, a tiny person living inside your body in the heart area. In the famous 700 verse “Bhagavad-gita” which is known as the 5th Veda from the famous Indian epic, “Mahabharata,” Lord Krishna enlightens Arjuna, a great warrior, before a fratricidal war is to take place on a battlefield known as Kuruksetra 5,000 years ago. The war lasted 18 days and 640 million soldiers were slain.


Arjuna was hesitant to fight although it was his duty or “dharma” to fight and uphold religious principles. Krishna, as God almighty Himself playing the role of a human being delivers an incredible discourse before the great battle is about to begin regarding the nature of the soul that is millennia old, or eternal in nature. Krishna says, “For the soul there is never birth nor death, nor having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-lasting, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.” In the end, Arjuna realizes his duty and fights and gains victory. While the subject matter again, is very vast, the principle is the same. Namely, that the soul never dies. It is only the outer dress that dies. It is a shell to carry out one’s “karma” or works in this life. This gives rise also to the idea of good and evil in this miserable world.


How do we know Krishna is right and not duping us? How do we know He is God and that his final statements regarding the nature of the soul can be accepted as fact? This is another lengthy article and one has to imbibe this Bhagavad-gita to taste the full essence and slay the demons of doubt. This consciousness is already latent within the hearts of every living entity, aquatic, tree, insect, human, demigod, bird, beast and yes, aliens of thousands of different cultures as well. They also must die if not today, tomorrow, 100 years from now or thousands of years depending on the planet, death is certain. Death and taxes.


Where is our mother? father? Husband? Wife? Children? Brother? Sisters and loved ones who have passed before us? The illusion is we are thinking that we will live forever and then death comes and takes everything away. This knowledge is called “Krishna consciousness” and it is awaiting every man, woman and child who is eager and ready to listen.


This listening in Sanskrit is called, “sravanam” that is, hearing. One must hear this pure knowledge that is unadulterated. This is the real revolution and it is coming from India like a giant wave that cannot be stopped. This is the consciousness that will save mankind in its darkest hour. This is not bogus knowledge to cheat the masses but Absolute Truth. That is, it can be seen and experienced by everyone in whatever sphere of life they happen to be in.  Again, it is non-sectarian knowledge. It is practical.


Hostile aliens? Yes, there are hostile aliens who at this moment are seeking to dominate us. Why not? Were there not evil forces in World War Two from hostile alien forces in the form of Nazis that exterminated six million Jews? When we talk of alien hostilities and evil let us look in our own backyard what to speak of evil forces from beyond our galaxy.


We, especially as Americans, because we took our births here (good karma) must become very sober and see where we are being cheated by governments and world religions that have no knowledge of God or the soul and the nature of embodied existence to bring about real, positive change in human society. This is the real issue. We must leave a proper legacy for our children and our children’s children. We must all stand up now and be counted. We must come to grips with this ancient, eternal knowledge and by hook or by crook inject this Krishna consciousness into human society and awaken their sleeping souls.


The above of course has not taken into consideration the incredible science of the laws of karma, action and reaction. That is, why does a small child get hit by a car and die while we may live to 80? Why does one coal miner in West Virginia come out alive while twelve others die? Why did 3,000 souls change their bodies after the 9/11 attacks? These are very appropriate questions that are answered from a very practical point of view in the vast Vedic literatures to be discovered by those who have the desire to read and hear this transcendental knowledge.


Again, it does not matter how many aliens are coming to visit us or how many governments are covering up their lies. We all know they are. The Vedas declare that this material world from the small ant to the highest planets of the demigod are all places of suffering wherein repeated birth and death take place.  Just look at the news on TV every day. There will always be catastrophic events. This is known in Sanskrit as “padam padam yad vipadam” or danger at every step. We are only in this world to prepare for our next birth. Everything will be tested at the moment of death. This is a fact. Therefore, it behooves all of us as human beings to prepare for a higher birth in the womb of a mother in at least a human form on whatever planet in whatever historical period a higher power (God as the eternal, omniesient witness in our hearts) has designated for us. This is all happening by the subtle, invisible laws of material nature for which we are all of us, inextricably bound.


How to escape this birth and death and go the planets where life is eternal and where most of the spiritual living entities live eternally known as the “spiritual world” or “Vaikunthalokas” (Loka means planets) is another lengthy subject matter for another article that will be forthcoming in the very near future.