Hair Growth through Electric Stimulation

Hair Growth through Electric Stimulation



A Vancouver company claims they have developed a device which can

cure baldness and induce hair growth.

It takes the form of a domed hood that stimulates the scalp with

painless low-voltage shocks.

The company says that 29 of 30 men in a clinical test experienced

new hair growth after a series of weekly 12-minute treatments.

From tests run to date, reports indicate an amazing hair growth

with an average increase of 66%.


Vangard notes

Ron Barker has a friend in Michigan, Dr. Cottrell who is into a

variety of unusual science areas. He showed Ron a device which

has been on the market since the early 30’s.

It uses high voltage discharges to stimulate growth by increasing

oxidation at the hair follicles of the scalp. It is known as the

“Master Violet Ray” and is familiar to many cosmeticians.

The units are still available for about $50 to $85.00. These

units are available at many flea markets. We have bought several

for $5 and up. Some work, some don’t, some have a better

electrode assortment included.

The “Master Violet Ray” uses a Tesla coil to generate a high

voltage continuous discharge which excites a combination of gases

contained in a variety of glass electrodes.

When these gases are excited, they fluoresce to emit a bright

violet light. We have heard that the particular frequencies

emitted by this unit are supposed to have a salutary (beneficial)

effect on the subject.

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One of the electrodes takes the form of a comb with about 5

“teeth” made of glass fingers about 1/4″ in diameter. It looks

more like a garden rake, although it is intended to function as a


Another electrode looks like a flattened disc, while others are

more pointed.

The idea is quite logical although the application to date has

not been optimally designed.


Notes for Experimenters

We of Vangard Sciences have studied the alleged claims of the

“Master Violet Ray” and found them to not be based on the optimum

means of achievement. This is in regard to the claims to restore

hair growth.

The following known facts might lead us to the most efficient

design :

1) we know that electrical current flows from positive to

negative (more precisely, from the area of greatest

potential to that of the least, negative/positive


2) oils are repulsed by electrostatic potentials

3) hair follicles die when the sebaceous glands become

clogged with oil, this in turn attracts loose dust

particles which block the pores and reduces oxidation

4) Tesla invented an “electronic shower” which made the body

the anode and the walls the cathode, when electrically

excited, electrostatic repulsion of the oils on the skin

surface of the body carried the dirt with it to the walls

As you can see, the effects, if any, of the “Master Violet Ray”

would come primarily from the generation of ionizing potentials

both from high voltage and the UV light.

UV has hidden dangers in the form of rays having a wavelength of

260 NM. Rays in this area are extremely dangerous and have been

shown to cause either cell destruction or mutation.

Water vapor will shield this band to some degree by diffusion and

molecular absorption. At one time, the earth was covered by a

water jacket.

We do not know if it took the form of a very thick vapor or

possibly a layer of floating water in the upper stratosphere.

This was before the Flood when Men lived to around 1000 years.

Also, records from before the flood, state that the sky was BLUE,

not BLACK. This would indicate the diffusion of starlight from a

water barrier.


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At any rate, it is extremely dangerous to expose oneself to UV

light. Not only does it accelerate the aging process, but there

is a high probability of generating cancer or some other form of

somatic (cell) mutation.

A low voltage current applied to the body can stimulate ionic

flows and achieve the same basic effect of cleaning out the

follicles, thus allowing oxidation and the re-stimulation of hair


One of the dangers to be aware of when working in these areas, is

the polarizing effect of DIRECT CURRENT.

Negative current causes a compacting of tissues with the

generation of alkalies. This will cause the skin to harden and

create areas of thick, calloused tissue.

Positive current causes an expanding of tissues with the

generation of acids. This will cause the affected cells to

dissolve by breaking down the structure.

The pulse width and frequency obviously will play a part in

determining the degree of cell compliance to the polarizing force


One interesting experiment with such polarizing forces was

carried out using a raw egg. An electrode was inserted inside

the egg and a negative potential was applied. Over a period of

hours, the egg “cooked” or hardened up due to the increased

compaction of the cell structure.

When a positive potential was applied, the same hardened egg

became watery and soft as the cell structures were broken down.

Bi-Phasic currents (alternating) MUST be the only type used on

the body for safety. The pulse width and frequency should be

adjustable to allow the greatest variation for experimentation.

Another desirable feature would be a phase adjustment in the

event you choose to introduce more than one frequency.

Be forewarned, electrical experiments with the body can create

problems which you really don’t need.