Have You Ever Heard of These?

Every culture has there own superstitions dealing with everything from having a baby to some of the factors influencing a marriage. In this article, you will learn of some of these, as well as a few others that are specific to the Chinese culture.


Expecting a baby? When you are pregnant, there are numerous superstitions associated with this miracle of life. Expecting mothers should not use glue during this time because it is believed to cause a difficult birth. When pregnant, you should avoid hitting any animals when driving. It is thought that the newborn will come out resembling that animal, as well as act like it too. Quite difficult to accomplish, the praising of a newborn baby is thought to influence evil spirits and ghosts that may be in the area.


When the baby is born, if he or she possesses a concave naval, it is a sign of a prosperous life. When the baby is born with more than one hair crown, it is a sign that he or she will prove quite unruly or mischievous. Who says big ears are a setback? A baby born with ears that are thick or wide will enjoy a fulfilling and successful life.


First comes love, then comes marriage”¦The wedding clothes of those attending a wedding should be yellow, white or red. If you wear gray, blue or black, you are thought to bring bad luck upon the married couple-to-be. It is bad luck and highly ill-advised for lovers to marry when they possess the same surname. This is true even if they are not related. It is believed that they still belong to the same ancestral line.


This next superstition is quite restrictive when some believe in not marrying a person who is older or younger by 3-6 years of age. And when you actually reach the matrimonial bed, newlyweds should seek out a boy who can roll over on this bed in order to promote good luck, as well as a baby son. The most desirable male is one who was born a Dragon.


For the unfortunate event of a death in the family, there are superstitions that handle this event, as well. If the funeral of the deceased is not handled in a proper fashion, then ill fortune and disaster will fall upon the shoulders of those in attendance. If statues of deities are in the vicinity, they must be covered with red cloth or paper.


Mirrors should be kept out of sight. It is believed that a person who views the reflection of the coffin in a mirror will experience a death within his or her own family. When a death has occurred, a white cloth should be hung in the doorway of the home. If your parent or grandparent has passed away, it is recommended that they do not cut or trim their hair for at least 49 days. When leaving a wake, it is thought that the ghost of the deceased will follow you to your residence if you travel straight home.