How to cleanse your aura

Last Updated on November 29, 2020 by admin

The aura is the energy envelope that envelops our body. This is our shield, the first line of defense that should protect us from negative thoughts, and the energy of other people. The aura collects a lot of negative energies every day, and they pollute it, damage it, and weaken it. We become vulnerable and susceptible to those energy attacks that also weaken the body and impair health. As a result, we feel moody, negative, sick, depressed, tired, sleepy, or we can have insomnia.

Any negative thought, blocked, or unexpressed emotion will cause impurities to appear in the aura. This directly affects our energy potential, so we must take care to protect the health of our aura by changing our way of thinking.
To stay healthy and emotionally stable is extremely important to keep the aura clean, and this can be done with energy cleansing techniques. Although there are experts who deal professionally with this business, we will reveal simple methods on how to clean your aura on your own.

Imagine your body surrounded by an egg-shaped shiny shell, about 1 meter in diameter. The bright light becomes stronger, and the width of the egg is up to about 1.5 meters around you. You slowly take a deep breath of the bright white light. Stay in that state for a few minutes and inhale the light, feeling it fill your whole body. Pay attention to the energy egg that surrounds you and keep in mind that it protects you throughout the day.

Dried sage leaves have been used for thousands of years to energetically cleanse the space and energy field of people and auras. It cleanses the body and space of negative energy and is extremely annoying to all entities. Light incense or sage, then use it to make circles around your body, in a clockwise direction. There should be traces of smoke that wrap around you like a spiral. If you find it inconvenient to do it yourself, you can ask someone close to you to help you.

Sea salt bath
From time to time, fill the tub with warm water, put a handful of sea salt in it, and wait for it to dissolve. Before you enter the bathtub, say your intention. If you prefer to take a shower, rub your body with large grains of sea salt. Just be sure to set the intention to cleanse your aura first, as well as to imagine and feel how the aura is cleansing.

This tool below is designed to help people learn to view Auras:

Many people can’t stand the wind when they should rejoice in it. All you have to do is go outside, close your eyes, spread your arms and let the wind blow around you, removing and turning challenges and stuck energies into pure positivity and excitement. Free your mind, run freely, and you will soon feel lighter and happier.

Ground yourself
Grounding means that your energy is connected to Earth. You can enjoy the benefits of simply walking barefoot on the grass or lying on the bare ground. You can also hug a tree. Trees have incredible power that removes all negative energy in an instant, sometimes in just a minute or two.

You can choose or combine these methods, every day or every week, whenever you feel the need to clean your aura. Make it a regular practice if you want to be healthy and vital. A healthy and clean aura will guide you to adopt the right and positive attitudes.