How to Prepare for Meditation

is not just a Mid Eastern practice or a special sitting posture but an
everyday practice. We meditate all the time, when we are reading a book
or watching television. Meditation is to focus and relax your mind and
body for something important. To start meditating is as easy as
1..2..3.. The key to meditation is to focus. Now before we jump right
into sitting in a posture and focusing we have to cleanse our
environment that we are going to meditate in. Find a special sacred
place where there is no noise and where you are comfortable with. Now
start to clean your sacred place, sweep the floor, wash walls and
windows, dust any dirty places or objects and last but not least wash
the floor. To make you feel relaxed you can light a incense stick or
spray some of your favorite deo just to make the room your own sacred
peaceful place. Now that you cleaned up your sacred space I recommend
that you find a comfy pillow or yoga mat to meditate on and place it in
a spot where you feel the most comfortable. Before we start with the
meditation there is one last thing. This is not compulsory but it will
help you with your journey forward, create an altar where you can start
your meditation with. Most beings find it useful to pray to their
higher spiritual being or God to find strength or wisdom through their
meditation. Now to create an altar you should first find a small
table or a box however to place in your sacred space. Then decorate it
with a pretty cloth and some candles on it and maybe a photo or picture
of your spiritual teacher or higher being to encourage wisdom and
strength. Now that you have your sacred space clean and neat we can
carry forward. Before we discuss meditation postures there is some
stretch exercise’s that is a excellent warm up before meditation.


Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Bending from
your waste try to touch your toes. If you can’t reach them stretch as
far as you can. Don’t bounce. Reach as far as you can and release.
Repeat five times

your extended legs apart into a “V” as wide as is comfortable for
you,reach both hands towards the toes on your left foot and then to
your right. Stetch gently,repeating 5 times
Now the trick to meditation is CONSISTENCY 
If you do not
practice everyday at the same time the meditation will not benefit you
as much as it should so try a reasonable time everyday to practice your
Meditation Posture:
There is lots of postures but this one Normal Buddha posture is the most famous and easiest to master.
1.) Sit on your cushion with crossed legs.
2.) Make sure your back is in a straight posture .
3.) Relax your shoulders and the rest of your body. 
Now that you are
ready to start your first mediation lets get to it,remember that the
more you meditate the more you get comfortable with your sitting
First you should sit on your pillow or yoga mat in your posture explained above.
1.) Begin to inhale through your nose and out at your mouth,in and out about ten times
2.)While still inhaling through your nose and out your mouth count down from one to ten counting the inhales and outhales.
3.)End your meditation with some stretches and get some fresh air
Do this meditation before going to work or school to encourage a happy and peacefull day