How To Protect Yourself With A Psychic Shield

Using and creating psychic energy does not have to mean using the services of a gifted psychic advisor.  Psychic energy is all around us and unfortunately it is not all good.

You may be able to work with and control your own psychic energy but what about the energy of others?  The best way to protect yourself is by creating a psychic shield.

What is a Psychic Shield?

A psychic shield is an energy field that you place around yourself in order to protect against:

  • Negative thoughtforms
  • Psychic vampires (people who use their own energy, often without realizing it to bring your own energy down)
  • Spirits or entities that have attached to you for one reason or another

How Does a Psychic Shield Work?

We are all made up of energy and everything around us is energy.  Therefore it makes sense to use energy in order to shield you from outside negative forces.

I have known a few gifted phone psychics who consistently use a psychic shield in order to protect themselves while working with the energy of others.

It might seem a little bit strange at first but once you get used to incorporating a psychic shield into your daily life it will simply become habitual.

A psychic shield works by visualizing in your mind an energy shield surrounding your body.  Each person’s psychic shield may look different, it all depends on what your imagination gives you.

Below are three important steps to creating and using your psychic shield.

Cleansing Ritual

A cleansing ritual is important because it will clear any negative energy that is attached to you right now.

There are several different methods of cleansing your energy field and you can choose whichever method you are most comfortable with.  Some of the more popular methods of cleansing energy are:

  • Smudging
  • Dowsing
  • Simple sweep with your hands or a feather

How often you choose to do your cleansing ritual is completely up to you.  Some people like to do it daily.  I personally prefer to do it once a week.  Others will only do it once a year.  Whatever feels best for you will be what is right.  After your cleansing ritual is a great time to create your psychic shield.

Creation Process

Actually creating your psychic shield is really easy.  At first you might want to make it a special event but eventually it will become so habitual that you will find yourself doing it while you are out and about in any given situation.

It is well known that thoughts create reality and you are going to use your thoughts to create a powerful and beautiful energy field around your body.  Your own personal psychic shield can be any shape you like, it can be any color and can be made of any material.

My own personal psychic shield is fairly simple”¦ It is a beautiful white light circle of protection that surrounds my body and is impossible to penetrate.  Sometimes I also imagine this shield around other people in order to give them extra protection in certain situations.

Once you are very clear as to what your psychic shield looks like then spend a little bit of time visualizing it around your body until it begins to feel powerful and real.  Now you are ready to start using your psychic shield on a daily basis.

Putting Your Shield to Good Use

Imagine your psychic shield surrounding you as you wake up in the morning and tell yourself it will be there all throughout the day.  I tend to think of my shield often and enjoy the feeling it gives me of protection, power and strength.

Although psychic shields have been commonly used for years in healing sessions, during phone psychic readings, and with other type of energy work, it is just now becoming popular for all people to use in their daily lives.

Remember that just because you can not see something does not mean it is not real.  Energy is real and a psychic shield is simply using your own powerful energy to block the energy of others.  Most people find that using a psychic shield makes a really big difference in their life.  Suddenly you will find yourself no longer affected by the negative energy around you.

You are now able to allow only positive forces within your own energy field.  Imagine what it would feel like to only be surrounded by uplifting, encouraging and loving energy at all times.  When this happens you can expect your own psychic energy to grow and life itself becomes a whole different ball game!