I believe in life after death, but my husband doesn’t believe our son is with us still.

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Phil GJust because YOU believe in life after death, and being able to contact the afterlife doesn’t always help in times of mourning, when your partner does not share your belief. An enquiry from

Britain this week is tinged with sadness for me, with a lady who senses her son is around, but her husband will have no part in it. She has seen a clairvoyant, with mixed results, and wanted to know if this was a way of introducing her husband. Unfortunatley, I don’t think that will solve the problem.



When you realise family and friends who have passed away are still with you, contactable, and verifiable, there is a tendency to want to share your new-found joy with others. It’s not because you’re trying to show off, it’s simply that you believe in it and you know that it helps you and comforts you to know that people who have passed away okay. 


So in this case, her husband is very upset about the loss of their son. The problem with is: there will never be enough proof.  If someone is sceptical, as opposed to being guarded, but open minded, is they look for the flaws. Much like the person who sees the glass as half full and someone sees it as half empty. If you try to cheer a depressed person up with all the good things, they revert back to seeing what’s wrong with everything.


Those who have a look at my website on contacting the afterlife will realise that I made my discovery accidentally a few years ago, and prior to this, I didn’t know how to contact family in the afterlife. But once I worked it out, regardless of what I told my wife to prove her father was ‘here’ and it was real, she refused to believe her father was coming through. Despite loads of very clear detail about times and places I had never been, she would not accept it. Finally she did, but it took almost 2 years!


So the problem here is that whilst you believe it, and you’re excited, it’s difficult to share. When I was doing seminars it was a common question, and I would advise they take a few brochures home, and give or post them to those who needed to hear some encouraging news. If there’s any possibility they might want to believe they could contact family in the afterlife, they’ll look at the brochure and perhaps take it further.


In your case, if you have someone close who is struggling with the loss of a loved one, perhaps you could suggest they look at my website on life after death. There are other suitable sites, but I have tried to present information sincerely and compassionately.


Or perhaps a book that you might buy off the Internet or from your local bookshop (whether mine or anyone else). Or maybe a Movie: There are a number of ones that present this idea fairly gently, including  “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks,  “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, or “PS I love you”


The main thing is not to push and above all, don’t keep trying to prove you’re getting messages or can ‘feel’ your son is near.  A person who is struggling to believe this will put you down and make you feel silly. Keep your faith, keep making your contact with passed loved ones and verify the way I suggest in my materials, and be happy with that.  And slowly let your partner come around.  , Phil G.