Inhalation of warm, moist air may help allergies

The following might be useful to help everyone deal with allergy problems, it

seems to only take about one afternoon of treatment that can last up to a

month in some cases.


From Science Digest – December 1982

In Brief

Inhalation of warm, moist air may help quell respiratory allergies.

A team of Israeli and French physicians recently tested a new device, called

the Rhinoderm, that delivers humidified air at 109 degrees Fahrenheit into a

patient’s nostrils.

Of those allergy sufferers receiving three 30-minute treatments spaced two

hours apart, about three-quarters reported that they were FREE of symptoms a

week later; two-thirds said their relief lasted for up to a month.

The Rhinotherm was effective against allergies to pollen, molds, dust and

animal hair. The researchers speculate that in raising the temperature of the

nasal passages, the procedure somehow rallies the patient’s defenses against

the factors causing allergic attacks. They also note that it may effectively

suppress symptoms of the common cold as well.


Vanguard Note

The speculation as to why this treatment works on allergies is more

logically due to flushing of the nasal passages by the hot moisturized air.

Tissue is known to expand and become very absorptive when exposed to warm

moisture and so, it makes more sense to claim that the polluting agents that

accumulate on the nasal walls and up in the sinus passage could be easily

dislodged by the hot moisture and ejected by blowing the nose. Simply

blowing ones nose won’t easily remove lodged allergic particulates, but the

hot, wet air would.

As to colds, there is a machine on the market now (though I can’t think of

the name of it) which produces a hot moisture that is to be inhaled through

the nostrils. The idea is that the hot air would help to kill off any

bacteria associated with the cold.

I have also seen a device that would act as a pin to hold the nostrils

together, thus preventing the input of any cooler air to aid the growth of

the bacteria. When the nostrils are held closed, the excess heat of the

body will naturally kill off the bacteria.

Another item I have tried for the feeling of a cold or flu (beginnings of a

sore throat or nasal drips) is 2 HCL tablets followed by a glass of water

and then sleep. The tablets that I used were called BETAINE w/pepsin and

sold as an assist to digestion. However, thanks to the experimentation of

Bob Aldrich and some of his folks out in LA based on the paper HCL.ASC, I

haven’t had flu now in almost two years. When I feel the beginning of the

sore throat or drips, I just take 2 tablets, the water and sleep, waking up

with NO SYMPTOMS. The bottomline is whatever WORKS FOR YOU.

One more point regarding allergies, vitamin B-12 has been found to be very

effective in helping to reduce the allergic response. The recommended dose

was 2000mg (milligrams) per day. I must report that for 3 days running I

had the most miserable of allergy symptoms, itching eyes and clogged

nostrils, to the point that I was taking Triaminic and 4Way Nasal Spray just

to be able to breathe comfortably.

After finding out about the B-12, I took 2000mg the night before and awoke

the 4th day with clear nostrils. HOWEVER, I found I had to do 4000mg per

day to keep them as clear as possible. One other good point about B-12, is

it’s supposed to give you extra energy, it seemed to do so for me, but I am

uncertain that the B-12 was the cause because of the fore-knowledgeable

about what it was SUPPOSED to do. Good luck with minimizing your allergy

problems………………………………………………..>>> Jerry