Invoke your parasympathetic nervous system with Sound Baths


Chances are that everybody in life is experiencing stress in one way or another. And a little self-care goes a long way. Many of you might be looking for methods that not only relax you but are also enjoyable. Enters the amazing technique Sound Bath. Although music healing is an old remedy, the concept of a sound bath is only being recently heard. 

What is a Sound Bath?

Sound Bath is a meditative experience where the person is treated with a bath using sounds. The sounds are made by gongs, percussion, singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, rattles, and can even have the human voice itself.

The sounds that you hear might not be catchy but are a wash of instrumental voices with overtones and resonance.

The sound practitioner may ask the participant to lie on their back as the Savasana pose in Yoga or to sit down comfortably with cushions. 

The practitioner may facilitate the entire experience themselves or the entire group participates with mantras or chants Om. 

This guided experience may last up to 60 minutes or more. 

How can you experience a Sound Bath?

While Sound Baths are found in brick and mortar of the country but yoga and meditation studios are a great way to start. 

You can also buy guided recordings to have a blissful experience at home. 

While there is an option of using your voice at home, still going to a center or using guided recordings will give you a better experience. 

How does Sound Bath work?

Different frequencies of sound coming from the instruments such as tuning forks or singing bowls affect different organs, illness, emotions, traumas, chakras. 

This healing technique is based on the principles of sacred geometry and quantum physics.

Sound healing invokes the parasympathetic nervous system, slows your heart rate, slowly reduces your blood pressure

It is said that when we play two different sound frequencies at the same time, it may shift our brain activity into brain wave states that are beneficial to us. And listening to such binaural tones may reduce pain and anxiety

There are different ranges (measured in hertz) and different activities(named alpha, beta, etc) which are associated with different cures. 

For example Delta activity of the range, 1-4Hertz is associated with sleep. The beta activity of 12-20Hertz is associated with complex solutions and concentration. 

Benefits of Sound Bath

  • To bring relaxation and a sense of well-being.
  • To expand awareness. 
  • To experience our inner visionary. 
  • To reduce tension, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. 
  • To reduce pain and other aspects of physical well-being. 
  • To improve sleep patterns.

There are also possibilities that it may improve bone health, blood flow but the research is limited to date. 

You do not have to be in a meditative state to experience this. Sound practitioners allow you to lie down and let yourself wander. You can also fall asleep during the process.