Lesser-Known Palm Reading Lines of Interest Part 1

In regards to palm reading, you probably have heard about the various palm lines of interest that most palmists pay attention to. These are the heart line, head line and life line. When additional bits of information are desired during a palm reading, there are several other lines to focus on that will provide a wealth of information, including the Sun Line and the Union Lines.


Some people look towards the simian crease for answers. This is also referred to as the fusing of the heart and the head lines. The purpose of analyzing these sets of lines is to learn more about the individual’s speed in which they handle events, people and situations. It is thought that these lines provide insight into the “fine line” between the things that people desire and what they think, causing many to make rash decisions regarding the things they want very badly. 


The fate line is another popular focus of palm reading. The line can be located running from the bottom of the palm near the wrist, traveling through the center of the palm, reaching the middle finger area. When looking at this line, it is thought that the path a person will follow in life will be revealed in terms of whether or not they attend school or the type of career moves they may make. It also tends to highlight potential accomplishments, as well as the obstacles that they may encounter along the way to realize the goals they have created for themselves. In terms of control and the lack thereof, this line is a representation of all the things that are uncontrollable in life. It also reflects the consequences that may arise when a person makes a particular choice regarding their life.


While the major lines of palm reading are called the heart line, head line and life line, there are several minor lines used within the art of palmistry. For starters, the Sun Line can be found positioned parallel to the Fate Line, which is located beneath the ring finger. It is thought to reveal information pertaining to matters of fame and scandal.


Starting between the pinkie and the ring fingers, the Girdle of Venus is the rough arc located under the ring and middle fingers, ending between the middle and pointer fingers. This line is associated with analyzing the emotional intellect of an individual, as well as how well they are able to manipulate others for their own personal gain. The Union Lines are characterized by a short, horizontal appearance, which is situated on the percussive edge of the palm. These lines are positioned between the bottom of the pinkie finger and the Heart Line. It is thought that when focusing on these lines, you will be able to understand more about the close relationships that an individual possesses. This doesn’t always have to involve matters of the romantic heart, but could also include the unions between family and friends.


The Travel Lines are horizontal lines located on the percussive edge of the palm, situated between the wrist and the Heart Line. When viewing these lines, you will find that each one represents a trip that the individual has embarked on. If the line is rather long, this is a representation of how important the trip means to the individual.