Lesser-Known Palm Reading Lines of Interest Part 2

MercuryThere are also lines of the palm that are named after the Gods and planets, as well as various symbols, which reveal details on everything from success within business to how strong an individual’s character is. In this article, you will find information regarding lines, such as the Mercury Line and Saturn Line.


The Mercury Line reveals details regarding health and business. The Mercury Line can be found running from the bottom of the palm (close to the wrist area), up towards the pinkie finger. For those that are concerned with health concerns that seem to pop up every once in awhile, this is the line to pay close attention to. It also deals with how in tune a person is when it comes to business matters. How well someone is able to communicate is also identified through the analysis of this particular line. Additional information that can be obtained from looking at the Mercury Line is the art of adventure, as well as an individual’s willingness to discover.


The Saturn Line is important in dealing with psychological factors. A person’s strength in character can be explored when looking at this particular line. It also deals with career and friendships, as well as the daily obstacles that one may face throughout their life. For those who have dreams of succeeding in various arenas, this line will reveal many things that were once unknown.


When following the Apollo Line, creativity is the main aspect dealt with through this part of the palm. Especially for artists, this line is important for those interested in learning about the potential for future success in this field.


Palmists will also scan the palm for a variety of markings that may reveal an array of characteristics or information. Some of these markings include triangles, tridents, crosses, as well as stars. These images appear under each of the fingers on the hand. They will possess varied meanings depending on where they are positioned on the palm. Their positioning in regards to the other lines also can be interpreted.


For those who are still unclear on what the three main lines of the palm relate to, you will find an explanation below: 


Heart Line


The Heart Line offers insight on the emotions that affect a person, including the insecurities they may possess, as well as whether or not they are dependent or independent of their loved ones. The strength or longevity of a marriage may also be revealed through the study of the Heart Line.


Head Line


The Head Line deals with matters pertaining to careers and career paths. It will reveal details involving the potential that an individual has to success, as well as the power of reasoning that they possess.


Life Line


The Life Line is not to be used to see how long a person will live; it is not for that purpose, although it is commonly regarded as such. The Life Line should be used to indicate patterns that may occur throughout the course on ones life, as well as how well they will enjoy these patterns. It speaks to the physical strength, health and stability that affect people.