Let’s Talk About the Three Main Ayurvedic Tonics

Ayurveda medicine deals with the practice that stresses long life and knowledge of science and health. It is believed that healthy living can be achieved through therapeutic measures that incorporate the harmony of the spirit, social, mental and physical aspects of life. When it comes to Indian tradition, Ayurveda is one of the few traditional ways of medicine that does involve surgery.


When it comes to Ayurveda tonic herbs, there are many different avenues to explore. First, you should know about some of the powers that these herbs have been known to possess. The tonic herbs can strengthen the body, as well as wake up the senses that move people to feel passion for one another. Below we will take a look at some of the different kinds of tonics associated with the Ayurveda way of treatment:


Nutritive Tonics


Also referred to as bruhana karma, these tonics often possess a sweet taste and are used to increase the strength of the way individuals interact with the earth and water. When one is trying to gain weight, they may try a nutritive tonic. To reduce the effects of air and fire within your life, this is the type of tonic to turn to. Some of the tonics you will encounter include Bala and Sesame, which offers a high amount of calcium.


Aphrodisiac Remedies


When it comes to stimulating the energy needed to enter a rip-roaring night of sexual activity and passion, it is not uncommon to see individuals turning towards aphrodisiac remedies for results. It is said that the spirit and the strength of the horse is received when using these tonics that are also referred to as vajikarana. Throughout Indian tradition, the horse has always served as a symbol that is filled with energy. Not only do these types of remedies bring reproductive systems to life, but they also aim to strengthen the tissues throughout the body. Some of the ingredients you may come across regarding these sorts of tonics may include Gokshura or Solomon’s Seal.


Rejuvenative Remedies


Also known as rasayana karma, the most important of tonic remedies has brought about rejuvenating properties. Some believe that these tonics are able to lengthen ones life when taken on a regular basis. The tonics include ingredients that are said to prevent the effects of aging and decay. Others take these tonics in hopes of improving their mental status, as well as awaken their spiritual awareness. Gotu Kola and Saffron are included under the umbrella of tonics and herbs associated with this kind of remedy.


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