Red AgateLithotherapy is an old healing technique using stones and minerals. It has been used for a long time in history. Nowadays, because it hasn’t been studied enough by the scientific community and thus unproved yet, it is not used as much as in the past. Only few healers use it and recommend it. Recently, many companies, especially in the cosmetic market are studying the proprieties of many stones and crystals. It is not rare to find in some cosmetic products, some stone and crystal extracts. Many studies showed that stones and crystals have many proprieties that can help the body to defense itself from the external environment. It is said that it helps the skin to live longer for example. Lithotherapy is also used in homeopathy a lot and has been proved to be efficient. The science community is not yet capable to prove or explain the proprieties of the stones but many studies show that it has an effect.

Without stones and crystals, we would not be able to create our technology as we do today. Quartz crystals are in our watches and our computers. Many other crystals are used in the laser technology. In fact, science already discovered many proprieties of crystals and stones but never looked at the direct effect it has on the bodies. Lithotherapists told us that each stones and crystals emit different vibration which can be bad or good depending of the status of the person.

Today, crystals and stones are mainly used as jewelery. It is true that they are beautiful and explain why people wear them. But also many people like their touch and their feeling. Their beauty must have an explanation. The healers who use stones and crystals as a way to heal, classify stones in function of their proprieties. Each stones have different proprieties and different vibration. People know what they need to heal themselves. It is one of the most important principle of many healing techniques. Thus, people are able to choose their right stone (the one that they found beautiful).

Lithotherapy worked because the body receives the vibrations that the stones emit due to their internal structure and the memory of their atoms (exactly like the memory of water proved by Jacques Benveniste.) Furthermore, stones have colors and it is known that colors emit vibrations (light). These vibrations are also capable to give energies to the body. This technique is known as chromatherapy. Lithotherapy is an interesting technique which should be studied in more details. Maybe, in the future, hospitals will use stones to heal people. At least they could use them as decoration.