Lucky & Unluckiness Within the Chinese Culture

In regards to the Chinese culture, there are several signs of lucky and unluckiness that can be explored. Whether it is the sort of color clothing you choose to wear or if you pay attention to the significance of numbers, you will find a variety of superstitions that deal with luck, good fortune or lack thereof.


When it comes to Feng Shui, you will find that there are some decisions that can prove luckier than others. For example, the number of steps in a staircase can actually prove lucky. There should be an even amount of steps to reap the benefits. In regards to bad luck, a homeowner should not have two room doors that directly face one another. Bad luck also occurs when a door or gate on the property faces a road. When building a house, the direction that the house faces can determine good fortune. It is not recommended to build a home that faces the north. When decorating the master bedroom, you should make sure that it is not located above the garage. A dining area should not be found located under a toilet on the second floor.


When it comes to lucky and unlucky colors, black is considered evil because it represents the color of feces. It is also associated with disasters and ill fortune. For happiness, good luck, fame, as well as wealth, the color red is associated with these desirable terms. The reason this color is looked upon as lucky is because it is the color of blood and associated with life. White, which is the color of breast milk, serves as a symbol of purity, honesty, life, as well as moderation. When it comes to red and black, the color white balances it all out.


 When you are looking for the luckiest number, eight is seen as one of the best because it stands for prosperity. Four is considered the unluckiest number because it sounds like the word that the Chinese use to signify death. Although seven may be lucky in other cultures, this is considered an unlucky number within the Chinese culture. Just like the song states, one is the loneliness number. As for the number nine, this is seen as a nice number because it sounds like the Cantonese word meaning “sufficient.”


Sometimes timing can be the difference between receiving a wealth of good luck and suffering from a bout of bad. When you are in need of a clipping of the toenails and fingernails, you should avoid this practice during the night because it is said that a ghost may pay a visit to that individual. When a dog howls throughout the night, it is considered a sign of death. Crows can be bearers of both good and bad news. If you hear one cawing between 3 and 7am, you will receive gifts in the near future. Between 7 and 11am, you will experience rain and wind. Cawing between 11pm and 1pm, you may face an argument with someone.


To leave you with a lasting impression, there are a few things within the Chinese culture that you should never do. Of course, some of these instances are broken, but it is fun to take a look at a few of them anyway. If you beat someone with a broom, you will experience many years of bad luck, as a result. It is considered bad luck if you have a moustache. I don’t know where this one came from, but it you point at the moon, your ears may get lopped off. Out of all the pets you can keep, it is believed that a pet turtle will only slow down the business you have to attend to.