Manipura (3rd chakra)

Manipura is the third primary chakra, it is often associated with the solar plexus but it is more accurate to associate it with the navel. The kundalini by passing by this chakra will bring self-confidence and will make the mind to act. Indeed, this chakra is the chakra of action and will. The endocrine equivalent is the pancreas and the digestive glands. This chakra symbolizes the power of action and will and selfishness. The Manipura chakra is symbolized by a ten petals flower bearing the Sanskrit letters “dda”, “ddha”, “nna”, “ta”, “tha”, “da”, “dha”, “na”, “pa”, “pha”, and “ka” on each of its petals. Each of these petals correspond to a specific spiritual ignorance: thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion, foolishness and sadness. The seed sound in the center is “ram”. The dominant color of this chakra is yellow. Its corresponding planet is said to be Mars, the planet of action and anger. Its music note is E. Several stones are said to be related to manipura, they are the yellow stones: pyrite, yellow quartz, yellow saphir, amber, imperial topaz… This chakra correspond to lavender and rosemary flavors. This chakra rules the nutrition and the wise minds. It is the generator of thoughts.

Manipura chakra is the chakra of the age between 14 to 21 and rules the action and the desire to do something. People corresponding to this chakra will sleep between 6 to 8 hours nightly lying on the back. They want power over the others even if it will bring unhappiness to people they know. Manipura is also the chakra of energy. It is the chakra which bring energy all over the body. It could be compared to the Dantian in QiGong (Chinese system) as it is also by this center that the energy come from and flow through the body. In the endocrine system, it is the equivalent as we said to the pancreas and the digestive gland. It is interesting to note that we know that indeed, that the digestive system permits to distribute the energy all over the body by means of the blood. Thus the prana is spread all over the body to give energy in all organs. The Manipura chakra is the chakra of self and if everything goes wrong inside it, it will bring anger and sorrow. Daily meditation would erase the bad behavior.