Meditate for 10 minutes or less on achieving what you want

reposedThe quick way of stress removal:

Meditate for 10 minutes or less on achieving what you want.

In between the day if there is stress present or knawing at the mind and or a panic situation.
Focus all the stressful energy and form it into a sphere in the head and make the energy pass from your body in a stretching exercise of extending the arm hands linked. Then think and visualize in the head balance regained.

1 hour before going to sleep
Meditate for 10 minutes or less on what you want to achieve.

The long way to meditate:

This article is about meditation and everything that can be achieved with it. Meditation is the act of focusing your mind, by relaxation, gaining the benefit of concept, and gaining tension release with long life. The life benefit can be, upto 200 extra years.

When do you meditate?

The time for meditation, is when there is nothing to do, on the docket of events for you. Suggested times for most effectiveness, are when you wake up, and when you go asleep. The proper way to do this, is lay in a lotus (pretzel leg fold) position, and focus on clearing away the minds detritus, what clouds the mind. Observing yourself at the same time. Do this for 5 minutes, or longer every day, until you feel clear headed. The longer you meditate the more energized you feel. If you fall asleep, during meditaton, your life is lengthened, by a little bit.

The next step, when you feel your ready, is to focus on creating a better way, for yourself and set, very clear goals for yourself. When this is done, don’t think of anyone, but yourself first and then people, that are most important to you. Then visualize anyone else you want, into your plans, keeping in mind, that anyone could fit into your plans at any time. When you do find, someone come into, your minds focus, do something for them first, then utilize them mentally, by making use of thier services, see in your minds eye, the person achieving the goal you have, and they will help you, much more nicely. Meditate on this, until you feel that, you are ready for the next step. 5 minutes to 2 hours, is the alloted time.

The next step is obvious, when the first goal is met, which is to focus in the next meditations, on what problems you may have. When you do this have, in mind what you have observed, on the problems and of yourself, fixing the event by visualizing, or percieving the events to correct them. Do it in a meditative trance, by breathing in and out, and lay in a comfortable position, for 5 minutes or longer, staying absolutely still, up to 3 hours.

When that is done, feel free to repeat any step previous, and try to keep in mind, that what you visualize comes to pass, whether you want it to or not. This is because the subconscious mind, is concieved by scientists, to have measured thought wave form, or beta waves are achieved, during a meditation, and what you visualize, is most likely instructed, to your subconscious when the meditation, is achieved and this causes things to happen. So never think a negative object, when doing this and after a meditation, the mind is clearer, with lifeforce being strengthened.

The ultimate goal of meditation, is the transcendent theory, and that is when a person can, dream walk if you achieve, a meditation of at least 10 min. In this meditation, enter a deep trance, and envision a grey wall around, you before you try this. The way back to your, body is to visualize a silver (lifeline) link, to your body and will yourself, to come back to the body, through the link. A person can dream walk, for only 6 hours at max, before the body becomes weak. It is absolutely necessary, to make it back before then. To learn more of this read, the More on Dreamwalking Document. Keep in mind if you seriously, try to hurt someone with this technique, then there will be a serious possibility, of three things happening, to you of the same nature or worse.

This can help you meditate. Visualize a void in your head, and your on a floating platform, the goal is to do what you were doing in the previous meditations, but this time you are observing, and focusing on what you want. The idea of this theory, is the Zen technique, or to focus while seeing the things around you, while blind. To visualize an area of void, that can help you force, away pain and help you see, through the conscious veal, or curtain that is keeping the knowledge, from coming to you. The subconscious is sometimes, locked away by the conscious, without you even knowing it, where the concious mind is like a veal, that keeps filtering knowledge, to you and on what you think, is supported by your thinking revealed to you. Meditation is the persons, only actual way to unlock knowledge, except through dreams. When you do this, a second time focus on, what you need and it will come, to you in an usable form, through a dream sometime.

This technique is very powerful, and can do serious damage if misused. You can, if recently a leg got broken, or a car accident just occurred, envision the words “no hurt of yourself, no pain to you at all.” In an emergency situation, the adrenaline surges, thus what you were thinking, will most definitely happen, by the combination of this process mentioned, because the need begets reaction, and the void always gets filled. When a person, sees an oncoming warrior, there will be a reaction. From the void comes timelessness and what you imagine.

This proves that the monk is correct, in saying “void is substance, and substance is void.” The void comes from meditu and means the same thing. From slutes we get void, meaning the same. There is never a vacuum, as you can even cure, what most hurts you, and what is shown by the onrushing warrior, is to react, saving your life.

The third time you do this technique, visualize exactly what you want to happen, to fix an event during meditation, and then things will change rapidly for you. When rapidity starts like this, there could be a sudden surprise, around the corner so be ready, for what may come. This time though, instead of an emergency, triggering the event, it is your will that is doing, the occurrence or action, and this means you will never lose to another, if your will is your own, plus this must be practiced to work.

Meditation to keep refreshed, for longer than 10 hours, is to start meditation on the thoughts, of nothing at all, and then shift the process, to the unconscious level, by a breathing exercise of breath in, breath out, doing something of activity. After 30 minutes of this meditation, you feel your body revitalitized, and ever ready. Sometime you have to sleep, but only when you feel the need to sleep. This process keeps you awake, for 8 hours or longer, plus adding the image of a sun rise, visualized or thought on, makes your body awake.

This is the 10th level yoga meditation, or the pattern shift level, and what it is actually achieving, be shifting of a major idea into action. The idea meditated on, is what guides the way, for the pattern to happen, and it is you that, presents the pattern. What a yoga instructor would say, is when you achieve the 10th level of meditation, the possibility to transmute the matter around you, to what you want is most possible. I know it takes, 5 to 20 minutes to actually make this work, for the first time but after that, trying to focus an object to another, becomes a shorter time period. The goal for this level, is to get an effect within, 10 seconds.

An alternative is to use chaotic meditation, Chaotic meditation is to raise emotion or hope meditate with not thinking of much to clear your mind or think of what you have to achieve in orderly thoughts. Then using unordered murky or disruptive memories of which you unrelate mentally with a switch labelled on/off and feel the disbelief of the memories to effect you and turn off the switch for suspension of disbelief. Once your dazed, try to be startled or snapped out of it on meditation end. By “The art of creative thinking” to become calm with the release of tension by remembering the soothing chaos. To avoid suicide tendency, make yourself not see the memories as memories but as moments that are dismissed or emotional detachement will occur with numbness and madness.

To use the above with chaotic conditioning, use two different idea to effect a pause and reconsideration, to fix a thought in the head by stating a chaotic thought to make forgettance of the other idea that was suspected or thought on before. This works similiar to hypnotism but is different as you need no hypnotism to maake it work.

Written by Skyhawk