Meditation on Creating an Alien Race

If we take a moment to reflect on the matters of the paranormal without making any assumptions about their being real or imagined, we can take an unbiased look at “how” different realities would exist.  There’s a meditation exercise that better illustrates this by considering logically how an alien race would function and how other worlds could build societies based on their environments.  To do so could be considered channeling, but the focus of this exercise would be primarily to use the imagination to stimulate your ability to work out an alternate reality scenario with as much precision as possible.

The goal of this exercise is to create an alien race in your imagination.  It could mimic one of the established alien types (such as the Greys or some other humanoid race) or it could be derived entirely from your imagination.  But it’s not as simple as just willing what the alien race would do.  Other factors must be taken into consideration as well.  Imagine the size of the planet.  Is it larger than Earth?  Smaller?  The size and density of a planet is incredibly important as it has a direct effect on the amount of gravity on that world.  Of course even a large planet could circumvent the gravity problems if it was hollow or made up of a series of tunnels like Mars’ moon Phobos.

The race itself will have a biology based largely on evolution, and though there may or may not be an active ecosystem still on the planet they will have a common ancestor from which they evolved.  Traits from this common ancestor may show up in the species or have been left behind entirely.

If they have advanced to the degree where a society is in place, the race will find it necessary to create a code of ethics.  This ethical system will be based largely on the circumstances of the planet itself.  If water is needed but rare, water may be treated with some level of reverence.  How does the race deal with its deceased ancestors?  Alternately, how does it deal with its progeny?  Even a simple alien culture quickly becomes complex as different stages of life are taken into consideration.  And different social morays will have a direct effect on one another too.  Nothing within the society can exist in a vacuum.  It is at this level that the conscious understanding of your alien race and the society they live in will require a level of intuition.

Though it may seem at first like a simple game of make-believe, designing an entire alien race’s society and its planet, and every aspect of life in it, will tell you a great deal about yourself.  Do the aliens enjoy simple things?  Do they consider themselves the only creatures in the universe?  What aspects of life to they attach particular cultural significance to?  Though your own philosophy will not necessarily mirror theirs, it will give you interesting insights into your psychology and your personality.

For example, if your alien race values their ancestors and allows them to hold ritual significance in their lives, this could be a reflection of your own opinions and desires for closer contact with loved ones and your own history in the world.  Alternately, if the alien race is purely capitalist and based on trade and cunning, this could reflect a side of your own personality that either values power or fears it.  The most important question to ask while conducting this exercise is whether the creatures seem to live in harmony with one another and with the world around them.  And the final step will be to visualize yourself entering this advanced world you have created to interact with its inhabitants.  This interaction may be the most revealing part of this meditation of all.