Mineral Powers: Quartz

There is a wide-range of quartzes to explore throughout the world, which offers a variety of powers and healing properties that you may not be familiar with. In this article, we will take a look at the strawberry quartz; elestial quartz; double terminated quartz; tormalated quartz, as well as the Tibetan quartz.


Strawberry Quartz


When it is the energy within the heart that you wish to set free, the strawberry quartz can be used for stimulation. This allows an individual to overflow with feelings of love. It also acts as a balancer when it comes to other parts of the body. In regards to healing ceremonies, it possesses a history that can be traced back to the ancient days of Atlantis and Lemuria. When you encounter this quartz option, you will find that it is light pink in color, decorated with speckles of white.


Double Terminated Quartz


While the overall capabilities of quartz range in a variety functions, the movement of energy differs throughout different examples. This multi-directional flow of energy can be used to both absorb and emit energy to and from your surroundings. If you are interested in further exploring your dreams or wish to engage in a bit of astral travel, this is the quartz selection to turn to. It is also known for its protection properties, as well as its ability to create an energy shield. Both negative and positive energy can be transformed. The appearance of this quartz is clear to opaque with characteristics, such as pointy sides.


Elestial Quartz


The elestial quartz can be clear, black or brown in color, which is often used by people who wish to go beyond the emotional obstacles hindering their everyday life. The crystal can be used to align the heart, as well as intellect. When it comes time to look deep within yourself, you may be able to pull out a larger meaning of love from not only yourself, but also form those surrounding you. When matters of psychic attack or negative influences arise, this quartz selection can be used for protection.

Tormalated Quartz


This attractive mineral is clear with black stripes. When it comes to bridging the gap between the physical state of things and the spirit, this is the element to turn to. To achieve balance in your life, this is a nice tool to have around. Protection is also achieved through the use of this mineral. When the bond between the relationships in your life need a bit of tightening up, many suggest the use of the quartz, which also helps some to ease their destructive ways.


Tibetan Quartz


Sounds exotic, but this mineral is known for the wonderful way in which it can relieve tension. It has also been know to work wonders for those suffering from eating disorders. When it comes to the enhancing or amplifying of the things that cause a disease or disorder to worsen, this quartz selection is recommended. It also works well with other crystals and has been known to act as an enhancer. Found within close proximity to hematite, Tibetan quartz is gray and often smoky in appearance.