Minerals: Amber, Actinolite, Amazonite, Ametrine

Not only are they a joy to look at, but also minerals have long been seen as a sort of keeper of magic and healing. Overall, there are many different kinds of minerals in the world, showcasing a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, as well as patterns. Each mineral also is supposed to carry a level of energy that is used in association with metaphysics.


Actinolite is a gray stone with a cloudy appearance. The mineral also has shafts throughout, which are greenish black in color. Some consider this mineral an important tool that possesses great powers in the realm of shielding. It has also been seen as a tool to expand the energy bodies. This process is known to create a connection to reaching the “light.”


You may have encountered this next mineral as a part of a necklace or bracelet because of the attractive turquoise color of amazonite. Sometimes, you will even see the stone decorated with white or gray stripes. This mineral is used to achieve balancing, as well as assists those who wish to align their physical and ethereal bodies. In regards to balancing, the stone is used to balance the different female and male energies that exist. It is also known to calm individuals down, who are dealing with irritated nerves. Any negative energy can be soothed with the use of this stone. When a revamping of the heart is needed, this is the stone that some turn to. It also helps to improve the throat chakra spots on the body.


Another attractive stone is called amber, which are the fossilized remains that can be found on coniferous trees. For those who are in need of healing, they may turn to this mineral for assistance. It is often used to get rid of and neutralize any negative energy within your body. Sometimes, this negative energy can be turned into positive energy. When dealing with all charkas, this stone can be used to open and cleanse any that you are worried about. When you are in need of good luck, you may also carry this stone in your pocket. When in the form of incense, it can be burned to clear all of the negative things surrounding and affecting you. It can also be used to cleanse any area that you come into contact with, such as a room that gives you negative vibes. Some turn to this mineral when they are searching for wisdom, balance, as well as patience. For some, the stone helps to sharpen the memory and can help those who are stuck on making an important decision. Things may seem clearer when using this stone to help you find your way. Amber can be clear or cloudy in appearance and is always amber in color, thus the name.


Ametrine is a stone that can be found in purple and golden yellow colors, but tends to be clearer than anything else. To get this mineral, citrine and amethyst are combined. The stone is used to clear the minds of those who feel a bit unbalanced. This stone is looked upon as being quite powerful in terms of healing. If something is blocked or any healing is needed, this may be a good choice to turn to when you are looking for the help of a mineral.