Minerals: Amethyst & Citrine

There are many different types of amethyst, which have been known to aid in a variety of rituals dealing with spiritual cleansing, as well as healing. Many have used this mineral to achieve a positive spiritual level, as well as use it to calm a racing mind and allow it to settle down to focus on good thoughts. In regards to the healing arts, this is also a popular mineral. Some have also used this mineral for protection against any psychic attacks that may come their way, as well as a source to unlock and activate the crown chakra.


Different types of amethyst possess an array of qualities depending on how they are used and what they are used for. For starters, there is the chevron amethyst, which is used to achieve positive spirituality through cleansing. A calming of the mind is achieved with this stone, as well as is used to send the mind to a higher place. This choice is recommended for those who are looking for an outlet towards healing. It is identified by its purple color with white stripes. This is also a good selection for those who are interesting in activating the crown chakra.


 The Guierro Amethyst has a smoky appearance and is grayish purple in color. This mineral is often used to achieve a nice level of spiritual cleansing, as well as aids to calm the mind. This is also a nice stone to turn to when practicing the healing arts. As with other types of amethyst, this can be used to protect someone from an attack on the psyche. The stone is also used for those who need protection when engaging in astral traveling. When you are in need to clear negativity from all of the charkas, the Guierro amethyst is a nice selection.

The Amethyst Herkermer is used for spiritual cleansing, as well as for the calming of the mind. The stone is used for protection means, as well as for healing. The crown chakra can be activated when possessing this stone. It is also recommended for those who wish to come into contact with higher realms and can be a helpful tool for those attempting to open channels meant for telepathy.


If amethyst is not your type of stone that you wish to use for healing, there are many different options to consider. Citrine can be used as an effective stone for healing. This is why it is often referred to as a healers stone. The power of this mineral comes from its ability to absorb negativity. This option never has to be cleansed before or after use. Some have also used this stone to bring good fortune. Business owners have been known to keep the stone close to where they keep their money. It is said to bring in the business. The stone also has the ability to clear the head of cloudy thoughts, as well as make a person feel more friendly and happy. This mineral can be identified by its golden yellow or clear color.