Minerals Associated with the 3rd Eye

The chakra within the human body that is associated with time, awareness, as well as the light is called the 3rd eye, also referred to as Ajna. This chakra is often connected to the pineal gland, which can be located around the center of the brain. It is here that the hormone melatonin is produces, which is the substance that tells us when it is usually time to sleep and when it is time to arise in the morning. It is this chakra that is said to serve as the meeting point for all of the energies within the body. This is when they all become one. For those who meditate on this chakra, they may experience a meeting of the minds within the cosmic world.


In regards to the 3rd eye, you will find that there are many representations associated with this chakra. The color indigo, the primary functions of intuition and ESP (extra-sensory perception), as well as the element of time are attached to this chakra. The symbol identifying with the 3rd eye is the lotus with two petals. There are also a variety of minerals that you could obtain, which would aid in the stimulation and opening of this particular chakra.


For starters, the Lapis Lazuli has been known to produce mental and spiritual cleansing properties in regards to the 3rd eye. It has the ability to keep the mind focused onto a specific area so that it can tap into a source of power meant only for that entity. The mineral is viewed as a rather powerful stone that has been used since various ancient civilizations. It was especially significant to members of ancient royalty. When obtaining the stone, you will find that it is light blue in color, sometimes azure and may contain tiny pieces of pyrite.


For those looking to stimulate the 3rd eye, the Lavender Quartz has been known to be good in the stimulation of the 3rd eye, as well as other chakras, such as the crown. The promotion of clairvoyance is also an aspect attached to this mineral, which can appear clear, opaque, pink or purple in color. It is considered a stone that is quite beneficial for someone trying to boost the level of their environment.

Appearing glasslike and clear, the Quartz Laser Point is a mineral that is often opaque white in color. It is a great tool to use for the 3rd eye. Out of all the crystals to choose from, this seems to be one of the most popular. It is also considered to be one of the most powerful, possessing a wide-range of abilities. Many accomplishments can be achieved through the use of this mineral, including healing, clearing, protection, focusing, amplification, as well as energy transformation. 

Ulexite is a mineral that aids in developing a clear path towards balance. In regards to the 3rd eye, it can be used for stimulation purposes. It can also lead to the interpretation of visions that you may be receiving. Artists may find comfort with this stone because it can be used to strengthen the imagination, as well as stimulate creativity. Problems become clearer, allowing a solution to also become more in focus. This stone is metallic silver in color with gold, red or blue blotches.